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Apolyton Edition: City Improvement and Wl Limit

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  • Apolyton Edition: City Improvement and Wl Limit

    Hello everyone.
    I have a question: Is it true, that there is a City Improvement Limit of 64 or 65 Buildings? If so, what good does the MAX_CITY_WONDERS and MAX_CITY_BUILDINGS flag in the const.txt.
    Btw, if someone is interested why the AI spams out settlers, It seems as if it has something to do with the BuildSettlerProductionLevel 0.00 entry in the strategy.txt file. At the moment I can´t confirm it for sure ´cause I´m in the middle of playing my latest game, but as soon as I start a new one I will know for sure. Anyway. BUT the AI spamming Settlers like there´s no tomorrow is the cause why the game crashes at some point, either because the AI kills itself creating a settler in its last city or it doesn´t respect the Government City Limitation and settles and settles ....
    However, it would be very nice if someone has knows how this City-Improvement Problem could be solved, or knows something about how the two afore mentioned flags work.
    Thank you in Advance.
    Last edited by Carolus V.; July 26, 2020, 13:55.