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Apolyton Edition silently crashes...

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  • Apolyton Edition silently crashes...

    Hi all!
    I tried to update AoM4 to work with AE (using latest version Apolyton CTP2 Edition: Revision 1111 (12-Jun-2011)) by copying all extra files and disabling SLIC scripts, as I only need AoM units, buildings and techs. The game starts fine and I can play for several dozens of turns, but soon after I meet new civilization (maybe after signing any agreement with AI) the game just silently crashes on enemy turn withour any message. How can I track the source of error and fix it?

    Also, is there any decent mod working with AE version? I tried Cradle but it also crashes after some time. The only working big mod I know is Modern Times Mod, but it's completely in German which makes it unplayable, also I really like AoM's units and techs progression and want something similar.