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    I had just started a new game, was upgrading all my hoplites to Pikemen in all my cities, did not have gunpowder yet, but I took over an enemy city (with a lot of help from some catapults) and received Fascism as a free tech. Ooops, now I can no longer build Pikemen (goes obsolete with Fascism), and since I didn't have gunpowder I couldn't build Fascist units either. I have since advanced past Gunpowder and right around the corner from building bombers.

    To keep this from happening in a future game, could anyone please recommend a better "obsolete" tech for Pikemen so I can modify the Units.txt file.?

    On a side note, this is on a clean installation, with latest ApolotonEdition update. Still can't see when trade lines are pirated in the trade window. Was something changed on last update? Did some option get moved to an INI file that is set wrong?
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