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DESIGN: Diplomatic Victory

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  • DESIGN: Diplomatic Victory

    So the diplomatic victory is pretty stupid.

    You need 100% of the remaining civs population in your alliance. Problem with this is the AI will never achieve it because the human will never give it the final population it needs.

    Another slightly less important problem is it actually encourages warmongering. The quickest way to secure a DV is by killing off the civs that won't accept an alliance, even if you threaten them.

    The file EndGameObjects.txt contains this:

        // Wonder WONDER_WORLD_COUNCIL ?
    	// need to have 100% of the worlds population in our alliance
    	MinCoverage 1.0
    	// turns before world union is complete
    	TurnsToActivate	0
    It's possible we could re-introduce the "world council" wonder, to delay the victory until late-modern/genetic/diamond age, when the other victory's tend to happen (under normal conditions).

    We can also modifiy minimum coverage. I haven't tested it, but if it does as it says, at least a dominant AI could achieve it. But of course that's not very diplomatic for a diplomacy victory.

    I think we also need a rule to turn off this victory (and the science victory) separately) in the long term.

    Any other ideas how we can make this victory reasonable?
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    Make it like the diplo victory in civ4?