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  • Real World historical scenario without modding

    im interested in how to upload a saved game file to share with people so that they can play real world based civilizations that do not contain modified files so that everyone can play them without having to moddify anything.

    my questions right now
    1.. is there anyone working on any non-modified historical scenario's?
    2.. how do you upload a saved game file for play as a scenario?

    these are the maps that i seen on here that i found to be the most interesting and theres 9 of them all are 210x210 tiles in size but mediteranean sea i was not sure on how big it was but i did download it and got it to work so mediteranean sea is not a giga map obviusly and i can use it on a basic scenario.

    1.Africa...this is the best map for a all africa scenario but surprisingly seems to be completly balanced all thoughout civilizised history the country to rule to most of these was either france or england.

    2.Japan and korea...this was the largest version i could find with korea and to have japan at this vastly large scale was a hugh bonus most built in city names for korea were placable except for Puch'on found between seoul and inchon but a larger 400x400 map of this same region would give korean all city names that come wth the game there map be other korean city names that are too close to others.

    3.Middle east .(the one with a very large isreal and phonecia )

    4.North America..this depicts a very realistic north america and thus shows a balanced game where canada ,USA or mexico could be quite formidable Nicaraugua and cuba would be minor powers. after canada gets self rule dominion status in 1867 english is not very powerful only controling small islands in caribean but new foundland is direct control also until ceded to canada in 1947.

    5.Ontario-NY........this is a cool map but when would it be most balanced to play obviusly a american civilwar would be a good consideration becasue the americans could face off against a barbarian confedercy in virgina and canada could be english or canadian but a early scenario with the dutch as new netherlands is not very interesting becasue in real life they get conquered by english very early on in the mid 1600's however the east india company could give the dutch a nice bonus) native americans would be interesting because some tribe names like mohawk are located on this map as part of iroqouis confederacy.

    6.south east asia...(indonesia is the focus here shows most except for western papua guinea called Irian jaya). thailand is very large small part of china and japan makes a entrance with taiwan after 1895 and ends with world war 2 depending on the time frame dutch ,japan or indonesia could be powerful)

    7.Mediteranean sea...this map is kinda complicated becasue many civilizations have been here but if i was to use it id probably go with Turkey as a country becasue the ottoman empire at there hieght could be quite powerful holy roman empire would be germany austrian empire is barbarians and poland could be the poland-lithuania country. russia would be a big threat to the turks and id like it that way. persia would be a minor power.

    8.north Atlantic......(this map showed the majority of the civilized world thoughout history and im wondering what time period would be the most fun for north atlantic)

    9.United kingdom. if you have ever wondered what playing as the welsh or ireland on there native map this would be the one at some point in history the entire map is dominated by the english united kingdom till irish independence dont forget about france because there partly on the map

    austrailia map was considered but i decided against it becasue newzealand is not a playable country and france's new caladonia was so small it would be no threat to a gigantic united australia but new zealand could be ruled by polynesia but like i said australia map is not considered. this map is just not very balanced at any point in civilized history except maybe right after sydney is founded in 1788 and up until the first english town in newzealand is founded but modern australian town names would be barbarian aboriginies which is kinda strange but still kinda playable.

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    iv given the Ontario and New york map some more thought and iv concluded that a dutch ,new netherlands colony could be quite a formidable foe also the region on the other side of newyork is not show its the 6 new england states so the english would not be able to invade new york city from the east. and also east india company could form a nulcleus of the stock market in new york city called wall street. and the map is so large and detailed if each county as a county seat then new netherland could in a alternate timeline scenario based on this map thrive for many years. but there was also a small new sweden. sweden is not a playable country with the game there is vikings but id rather just use barbarians ,im sure if you play as the dutch you could conquer a barbarian held new sweden like real life. plus the native americans would be strong as well. plus the south east asia is also a map and i have plenty of history atlases that show dutch exspansion in indonesia so i could craft a 2 or 3 map scenario showing the dutch as the main player in the year 1650. on the africa map its cape town and on europe its amsterdam and possibly another city. so i think i could dreate a 4 map scenario based around the ducth empire.
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      im almost finished with the Japan and kora map

      the japan and korea map is a very great map. so far of the 4 civilizations Korea is finised it has 104 cities was 105 cities but i got rid of Anyang because it was too close to inchon and seoul i had to increase the max cities in govern text file 6 times over the original rules for instance monarchy was 20 now its 120. japan is nearly finished and has 190 cities but still room for more and thats going to happin eventually i been working on this japan scenario for a few months now and i think you will all be pleased after you check it out after its uploaded. but after japan is finished ill turn my attention to china and fill it up with cities and i will even have to use google maps to find all the towns becasue my hammond atlas does not show every single town everywhere. i had to do this with parts of russia so far. and i found out theres entire stretches of land on this map where theres no settlements at all there so russia would be easy to finish .

      these will be the time periods

      1856 ..based on 1860 boundaries for russia and china
      1905 based on the outcome of the Russo-japanese war
      1950 to 2012 based on the division of korea and a new civilization south korea nominally under american control.if you play past 2012 year your just going into a alternate future where you decide the outcome on your actions. but the 3 scenarios from 1856 to 1950 will be based on real life borders. also im exscluding the boshin war in 1868-1869 all it would be is japan conquering the break away state of hokkadio island called republic of Ezo and becasue this country was conquered in only half a turn and this country only lasted for half a turn i dont find it very useful to put it into a scenario.
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        Japan-Korea scenario is nearing completion. a few days ago i added dozens of cities for russia almost everything from blagoveshchensk towards khabarovosk was finished yesterday morning. thing is my world atlas does not show enough detial at this scale so i have been using google maps in order to find more towns to put in. each of the 4 players already has at least one or more towns with the same name. which is confusing but oh well so what if theres more than one slavyanka or mombetsu. this map is such hugh detial i need to fill it in so i can upload it and you people can play though that past 160 years of history from 1850 to now. some developments have occurd while making this such as a leader change for korea. now kim jong il has died and north korea is ruled by diffrent guy. not that big of a change becasue national leaders change every so offten the russia has had many diffrent rulers since 1850. i also did the math and ill need to change the too many cities file again becasue in the 1905 AD scenario Japan gets about 20 or so new cities from russia and right now with my new building ,in russia theres so many cities that it could not be set at monarcy again. so the computer playing as russia decided to go to democracy to stave off its losing. also in the 1950-present game Korea gets split into north korea and south korea. south korea is going to be run by the american civilization. they are there to keep the peace but its only there peace there trying to keep and have the korea civilization being divided. after 2012 AD the future is yours to decide for the region. if you do decide to play the 1850 game i would sugest going to war with russia at the get go to conquer the 20 cities in south sakhalin (Karafuto prefecture) but if you wich to keep your good standing and not hurt your reputation you could just play the 1905 one instead. 1850 game will be based on 1855 border between japan and russia and 1860 border between russia and china i could not set the time period any further back becasue map was too empty and devoid of cities or towns. and in the mongol times of the mid 1200's the mongols would control most of the map and japanese would have eventually lost which did not happin in real life becasue the chinese rebelled and began a new with the ming dynasty from the 1300's to the 1600's. in the 1800's they were the qing dynasy which were sort of like the mongol dynasty becasue manchurians conquered all of china. but Japn- korea scenario will be much fun it will be finished by march 1st.


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          i forgot to metion that in the 1905 scenario that the americans will get 2 chinese cities Dandong and dongau. they got dandong in 1903 and it was leased to them and dongau is part of the consesion land area. in the 1950 game however they dont get this land any more becasue in the 1940's the leased treaty ports were eventually givin back to china with only macao and hong kong as the exceptions. but regardless to swap from dandong to south korea is a good deal for them. but i decided not to have to americans occupy japan becasue this would destroy that civilization. besides americans stoped occuping mainland japan in 1952 after that only the small islands like the bonin and ryukyu which are not even on the map becasue the map only goes south to the 30th parralell.


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            i took a look at the europe map and i was not very happy with it it was not large enough i was hoping for anther one of thos 200 by 200 tile maps for europe. i build the city of amsterdam and then put in hamburg for the germans , paris for the french. then i noticed there was no more space in the rest of netherlands for more dutch civilization so i gave of on the europe map till a larger one ever gets uploaded.


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              Originally posted by jonathan1980 View Post
              till a larger one ever gets uploaded.
              Or you have to create your own larger one from OmniGod's world map.

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                japan-korea is nearing completion. i added about 64 new town names for chinese civilization my goal is to have 170 town names. so far theres about 600 city locations on the map. my goal is 650 city location on map.

                my upload has been delayed because its not finished but china went from only 20% to a now 40% complete.
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                  i changed my mind in addition to the 1850 ,1905 ,1945 -c2012 , game there could be adding north america in 1866 (russian alaska),1902 (birth of cuba) ,1949 (newfoundland) ,1983 (to c2012 present) (belize to obama) thats 7 diffrent scenarios i could finsh. its going to take awhile but the thing is i acidentaly damaged the japan korea map when i used eraser on a city. so i have to write down all cordinates then try again.


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                    some one needs to give me directions on how to dowload and everything about omni gods world map and how to create more maps. i did not like australia becasue it did not include indonesia. there for no portuguese controled east timor (portuguese east indies) conquered in 1976. now independent in (2002-present) id create a austral-newzealand and include parts of indonesia.