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  • Strategies.txt


    The Strategies.txt file defines the various strategic states for the AI. See the AI customization document for details on how the strategic states are used by the AI.
    The following variables define which cities are to use this PopAssignmentElement. The Top & Bottom flags are mutually exclusive as are the ProductionCities, GrowthCities & GoldCities flags. One flag from each group should be used to specify the type of city to receive this assignment setting. The Default flag is special and should be used on the last PopAssignmentElement.
    The following variables control how the AI sets the Rations, Workday & Wages sliders.
    The follow variables control Empire level settings.
    The following variables control the priorities of goals and usage of units.
    The following variables control how the AI builds items in cities.
    The following structure defines the Build List Sequence Elements. They are used to determine which build lists should be used in which cities. One element should be defined for each BuildListSequence in BuildListSequences.txt. Only one element can be defined at any time for each sequence. If an element is redefined for a particular sequence then the previous settings will be overridden.
    The following variables help control the diplomatic desires for the AI. These are used to set the levels of motivations and fears that help determine when specific diplomatic requests are initiated as well as when high-level strategic decisions are made like when to go to war.
    The force match structures define the army strength ration desired before attacking. These can be used to fine tune the win ratio of AI attacks. High force match ratios can guarantee that the AI will win every combat but could end up preventing the AI from attacking if it never has enough force launch a successful attack. The force match setting are refernced from Goals.txt
    The following variables control how the AI utilizes it’s nuclear capabilities.
    // percent of gold to put into science
    SciencePercent 60

    // Scaled bonus (#turns) to reduce the estimated time to rush buy in most threatened city
    // used when deciding what city to rush buy in
    RushBuyThreatBonus 10

    // Percent of gold expenses last turn to keep in reserve when rush buying
    RushBuyReservePercent 2.0

    // Percent of civilization support dedicated to units
    UnitSupportPercent 0.35

    // Unit Percents must total to 1 (100%)
    OffensiveUnitsPercent 0.30
    DefensiveUnitsPercent 0.20
    RangedUnitsPercent 0.30
    SeaUnitsPercent 0.10
    AirUnitsPercent 0.10

    // Number of special units that should be built
    SeaTransportUnitsCount 6
    AirTransportUnitsCount 4

    GoalElement { Goal GOAL_DEFEND Priority 607000 MaxEval 2 MaxExec 1 PerCity }
    GoalElement { Goal GOAL_SEIGE Priority 605000 MaxEval 25 MaxExec 2 }
    GoalElement { Goal GOAL_HARASS_CITY Priority 600000 MaxEval 3 MaxExec 1 }
    GoalElement { Goal GOAL_ATTACK Priority 600000 MaxEval 25 MaxExec 10 }
    GoalElement { Goal GOAL_HARASS Priority 595000 MaxEval 25 MaxExec 10 }
    GoalElement { Goal GOAL_BOMBARD Priority 597000 MaxEval 25 MaxExec 4 }

    // multiplied by #rounds to target
    DistanceModifierFactor -150

    Priority 10500
    Top 0.35

    Priority 11000
    Top 0.35


    AttackMatch 0.7
    DefenseMatch 0.3
    RangedMatch 0.9
    BombardMatch 0.0
    ValueMatch 0.5

    AttackMatch 0.6
    DefenseMatch 0.3
    RangedMatch 0.6
    BombardMatch 0.0
    ValueMatch 0.3
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