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Fixing AOM's World at War event

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  • Fixing AOM's World at War event


    I initially posted this question in the appropriate AOM forum, but I fear not many people go there anymore, so I moved it here.

    I don't yet know for sure if this is a problem for all players, but at least it seems to be a consistent problem.

    As you all know, upon discovery of Democracy, Communism or Fascism, there is first of all a tech spillage, and the world falls apart into the major WWII factions which then begin to wage war on the other blocks.

    It seems unescapable that - for instance - the discovery of Democracy happens in a point in the game, when you are still fighting with musketman and canons. Then, overnight, you suddenly get spittfires and tanks. Also, you will, later in the game, have to discover biplanes, riflemen etcetera. In other words, the Wordl at War event corrupts the research timeline, and this kind of ruins the gameplay in this point in the game.

    1) The only solution I see, is making Democracy, Fascism and Communism appear much later in the game, after prop planes, machine gunners and 1st generation tanks have already been researched.

    2) Right now, you simply GET all WWII units upon discovery of your modern gov, I think however, that it would be better that you both have to have the necessary gov ánd a prerequisite advance. I suppose this would mean adding some extra advances to be researched, not sure if this is possible though, since Stan once mentioned a maximum number of advances, beyond that, the game won't accept any more advances.

    3) If the major modern govs are put later in the timeline, we might have to add 'Renaissance Govs' in the game so that the Medieval Govs aren't so long in play (medieval govs are limited in the number of cities you can have, and around the time of musketmen and canons, you really need a bit more breathing room in this area). Maybe Enlightened Despotism and Absolute Monarchy are possible candidates?

    These are just some possible solutions, I have no idea if these are feasable (due to the maximum number of advances the game accepts, ánd because I don't know if adding Renaissance Govs would disrupt the forming of the modern blocks of power in the World at War event).

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks a lot

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