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Increasing Gigantic mapsize in AOM 2

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  • Increasing Gigantic mapsize in AOM 2

    Here is a copy of a message I left on Stan's forum:

    [I would be extremely grateful if someone here could answer it for me ]

    Is it possible to increase the default Gigantic mapsize (105x210) in AOM 2?

    I have followed the following pathway:

    AOM_map (the text document)

    I have tried to change the abovementioned default parameters appearing directly under "## SuperLarge Map"

    However, whenever I either play an AOM 2 Gigantic map or enter the Editor with an AOM Gigantic Map, the resultant map still appears to be the same size. (As a form of experimentation, I have entered some pretty big numbers but nothing appears changed).

    What am I doing wrong .... what other files need to be changed?

    I love AOM 2 and would love to play with a significantly larger map .... maybe because I have read enough about the performance issues associated with CIV maps.

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    i think it is either const.txt or diffdb.txt
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      Thank you so much for your reply.

      I will try this a bit later .... as I am really keen to see whether it is possible (and it should be) to be able to play with much bigger maps.


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        When im playing on larger maps I made myself thier will always be lots of tiny islands in the ocean.


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          Jeppson you need to edit map.txt and increase the sizes of the continents proportionally to your new map size.
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            A follow up request

            Now that I have learned (from Stan Karpinski himself) that one must change the mapsize measurements appearing in BOTH the AOM_Const and the AOM_map text document files, I have a follow-up request.

            Although my latest question (detailed below) has not been answered by Stan yet (as he is currently on a well-deserved vacation), someone has kindly replied thinking that it is indeed possible to use the BMP2CTP2 programme to create a genuine AOM 2 map.

            Therefore, can some one here possibly assist me?

            I was wondering whether the conversion programme that is able to convert BMP images into CTP2 maps (BMP2CTP2) is compatible with AOM.

            The reason I ask this question is because I have a NASA satellite image of the greater metropolitan Cape Town region (where I live) that I would dearly wish to play as a bona fide AOM II/III scenario.

            This map is 4143x4096 pixels in size. I am led to understand that the BMP2CTP2 programme is actually able to convert 1:1 (rather than the regulation 1:2) scale images into CTP2 maps .... so that this satellite image would not have to be severely modified.

            If the answer is yes, I might have two further requests to make:

            Would someone be prepared to convert this NASA satellite image into a BMP2CTP2-compatible format? (I have converted it into a 3.25 MB PNG image)

            Would someone with a computer with greater than 1 GB of memory be prepared to do the conversion for me? (The reason I require greater than 1 GB of memory is because my machine crashes with maps greater than 1160x2320. I have actually managed to play with such a map (as a three player scenario) although the breaks between turns are pretty long).

            I would love to see whether it would be possible to convert such real world images into bona fide AOM scenarios. This development could truly take AOM into another realm. (I know that this is theoretically possible with Civ IV but the maximum-sized playable maps are postage stamp sized compared to AOM). I was wondering whether the conversion programme that is able to convert BMP images into CTP2 maps (BMP2CTP2) is compatible with AOM.


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              I am sorry for the late response -- how could I miss this thread? I am an ultra-gigantic-map maniac too, currently crash-testing CTP2 AE with my over-sized and over-SLICed mod

              However -- just in case you are still interested, there are some files for you:
              • first I can offer my own map.txt and the map-related settings in const.txt. No, it's not just the MAP_SIZE_GIGANTIC-portion. Actually it's not just const.txt but for a real modification you need to go into the settings for pollution, global warming/ozone, governments and strategies (number of cities etc.), units (e.g. range of planes and missiles) etc. etc. -- but anyway it's fun to start a game with a giga map and you will figure out how to tweak the rest as you like. My modest map setting is not as gigantic as
              • the Ultra Large Map in Apolyton Pack 1.0 used to be. This version turned out to be a little bit unstable and has been declared deprecated (and it disappeared from the Apolyton Directory -- but I kept a copy ). It's an entire mod, so it's up to you to combine it with AOM, but you can always just modify the map settings.

              Ready for download here.

              Have fun and keep modding!
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                Thank you so much for your most interesting reply.

                I will most certainly download your files and see what I can do with them.


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                  Does anyone know where I can get any of the files that BureauBert referred to.



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                    Originally posted by Oliviasdad View Post
                    Does anyone know where I can get any of the files that BureauBert referred to.

                    Prefix them with settler4 like this:


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                      Thanks Martin!