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Apparently Ages of Man is done for. So where can we get a copy?

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  • Apparently Ages of Man is done for. So where can we get a copy?

    I recently lost all my data on a hd and with it AoM files up to version 4. Now I'm sad I can't buy it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    As a side note. I prefer to play my games at a slower pace. I prefer to play at /10 the game speed. Wherein the technology's take 10 times as long and the events follow on the same pattern. I had a setup on my old laptop, before it was stolen. Now I have nothing. It was fairly easy to create, but it's frustrating that I wasn't getting any help from the developer on how to fix bugs. He pointed out what var's to change. However, I had one weird instance at turn 600-700 where I lost the ability to attack. It was weird.

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    See my post here for the download link for the full AoM II and AoM IV update:

    If you get any bugs like not being able to attack, I suggest saving and reloading the game. Perhaps even exit CtP2 and reload. As you say, it's quite rare though, even after 600 turns.

    If you find any other bugs perhaps I or someone else can help on here. As you can tell though it's quite empty around here now so no guarantees I'm afraid.
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