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Question regarding enemy spies conducting assassinations

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  • Question regarding enemy spies conducting assassinations

    Hi all,

    Up until now, I only occasionally got the message "An enemy assassin attempted to kill an important leader" but an actual assassination never happened to me. Until today that is.

    I was never sure what an actual assassination would mean. Either an enemy spy attempts an assassination and - if successfull - causes the message "Calamity, an enemy spy has assassinated an important leader" and the result would be a drop in happiness (more of an abstract form of assassination) OR an actual unit of mine would be killed. Of course, I now know the latter is the case (and a search in the GL would have pointed me towards the right direction too should I have bothered to look a bit further...).

    I wanted to know everything about this - for me - new phenomenon and reloaded the save. I found the exact city where the soon-to-be assassinated hero (El Cid) resided and put two of my own spies closeby (but not in the way so I would be sure the enemy spy had all the room and opportunity to redo his assassination). I also put some other spies near some other cities in the same corner of my empire, also closeby but not in the way, just to be able to see everything.

    I noticed that the only enemy spy was located next to Corcyra, there was no spy to be seen near the city of Dublin (where the assassination would be occurring).

    When I pressed the Next Turn button, I now clearly saw the enemy spy doing his thing to the city of Corcyra, and I immediately got the message of an Important Leader having been assassinated, although that leader was safely tucked away in Dublin. I checked when the pc was ready processing the turn, and yep, my hero in Dublin was dead.

    There was no spy around Dublin before pressing the Next Turn button, and my two spies could not see any movement around that city during the turn processing and also after the turn was ready I sent them around to make sure no enemy spy was to be seen.

    Am I missing something here, or could this be a bug? Maybe a 'deliberate' bug to make things a bit easier for the AI (enemy spy attempts an assassination next to any city, and - if successfull - the closest hero or king of the human player is killed)...

    I have to tell that I picked up an AOMIII save game that I wanted to complete, so maybe this thing has already been fixed in AOMIV?

    Thanks in advance for any help on this matter

    Only tyrants need worry about tyrant-killers