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  • barbarians

    After almost completing my marathon AoMIV game I have come to the conclusion that the Barbs are much too strong.

    Not only do they hold swathes of territory, but they are way ahead in the tech stakes. Into the 20th century and they are the strongest civ by far. I think they should stop research after arqebuser.

    On the plus side I have realised that to get a tech advantage just produce hundreds of spies and have them all on standby a tile from a barb city.

    Other civs that have had cities taken by barbs generally do not try to get them back.

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    is that barbs from a dark age or just regular barbs?
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      Just the barbs that have survived through the ages.

      Other civs never seem to bother attcking them even though they have captured many cities. Eventually it ended up with 4-5 large areas of the map with barb civilisations.

      Barbs should have the ability to research taken away after the 18th century.


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        What annoys me is that I can have a large area totally covered, say a roughly 20x40 peninsula, with watchtowers, scouts, etc. with seemingly no way for new barbarians to get in there, but even after the Dark Ages spawnfest, they appear seemingly out of nowhere. I get that they're around to cause disruption, but there should be more basic logic in where they're able to come at you from (again, outside of a special event).