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  • More than eight players?

    How do I play with more than eight AI? I noticed from reading that it's actually suggested to do so with AOM, but the option doesn't go past 8. Sorry if it's already been asked... I've tried searching but it keeps saying all the words in my search are too common... not sure how to say this without using the words "more, than, eight, players."

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    I know how to get more than 8 players on Call to power 2. all you have to do is download the 27 player scenario and then use that player number as the way to go. now that scenario uses the earth map which is fine but if you would rather play a smaller part of the earth other maps can also be played with 27 players the thing is when you upload that scenario the earth map is too large and i cant get it to run it makes my game crash but the other great thing about that scenario is that as soon as that scenario starts working you can load a diffrent map and play a diffrent map. i prefer real world based maps. in certain time periods when i want to have up to 27 players. but theres only 41 players built into the game not all of them live on all the map regions of the world. but another great thing i seen was if you decide to have several diffrent barbarians all the countries that are not part of the 41 civs built into the game can be put in but they will just be called barbarians on the map but there will be several of these civs and each reprecentd by diffrent colors.

    i dont recoment the australia map becasue it does not have alot of civilizations. but one map that does is called " North Atlantic" it has at least 27 civs but thing is they were never all located on the map at the same time. in the long ago days you could have some interesting barbarians like in the North america section on the north atlantic you would have native americans which could be made co-extensive with eastren woodlands culture and any native americans not in this culture can be some of the barbarian entities. Mexico however is very small on north atlantic only 2 or 3 cities like cancun and chumethual is the main ones. in the long ago times the mayans were there. Incas however get the shaft and not featured on north atlantic . thing is i have never found a map that the incas would be powerful at least on this aployton. right now im working on Japan -korea map and its almost finished i have japan and korea are finished and japan is 197 cities and korea is 104 cities far east russia is about 2/3rds done and manchuria china is only about 20% finished so its going to be quite a long game.


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      after you decide on what civilization you want to be and which map and what time period to play i can help give you ideas on what countries the extra barbarian civilizations should be. so let me know. so i can help collaborate on your project.


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        Locate and open the userprofile.txt file in the ctp2_program/ctp folder

        Change NumPlayers to however many you want.

        Start a new game, but use the number of players that is already set up in the game setup screen
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          i just found the largest CTP2 earth map playable with out modification or patch its roughly 200 by 400 tiles in size. my game mutated the map to make it fit thus creating a new map that will get lost if my computer gets deleted. this mutated earth has so more countries but my least favorites for this map are nicoruagua ,U.P.of central america capital managua early 1800's AD ,wales ,isreal-palestine ,old phonecia , portuguese timor ,ect ect ,german togoland

          but since the 400 tiles go east to west now old soviet union has dozens of city placements every thing from berlin ,warsaw ,riga ,moscow and vladivistock its that inbetween that so many more town place ments go. plus if you want you can use cheat mode and slowly make greenland larger till its got smaller amount of arctic ocean between it and the northern edge of the map area. new latitudes could be placed in along the American atlantic see board. trying to make boston and washington farther apart would create new tiles to be re-distributed.


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            my 27 civ scenario baced on Aployton maps

            i prefere to use the north atlantic ocean map for my ideal one. only problems is is yes it did have 27 or more civilization but the thing is there did not all exsit at the same time. im leaning towards the north atlantic in 1945. russians get to play the warsaw pact alliance. with no independent polish civilization til early 1990s.. western india is a very large playable civilization on the map but im not very familiar with this area except for karachi and bombay. and being english empire or indian empire. but im going to have a broken up british empire becasue so many of the old dominions had self government with made them semi independent. i started work of the australien map. and the islandic places are done im about 5% done with australia.

            events in my multi map scenario
            2011 korea civilization gets a leader name change.
            2011 after since being independent from the egyptians since the 1950's now the area is called south sudan
            2006 after alreading long since being unplayable in 1878 when serbia was independent to now the land area being renamed monte negro and being granted a more independent status.
            2002 portuguese-Indonesian timor is now unplayable barbarians called east timor.
            1990 germany is reunited instead of 2 cities it now has 3 including the new one of berlin (east germany)
            1960 nigeria is granted seft goverment from the english empire this effacts africa map and mutated map.
            1950's warsaw pact creates the world first experimental supra-national government next to follow european union (EU)franco -italian germans and others in the 2000's.
            1959 alaska becomes a state of the americans civilization so decolonization rules no longer apply to ...the UN organization.
            1950-1960 pioneer television stations in las vegas ,north american campagne
            1945 penicillen drug is mass produced in american civilization
            19?? Australians build the tallest building like empire state building in sydney in the australien campagne
            1931 americans build empire state building
            1930 telivision invented in american cvilization
            1902 cuban independence a new civlization is born and spanish civilization on the north american map ends.
            1901 Australia gets semi-independence australi campagne
            1867 canada gets semi independence north american campagne
            1867 russia unloads russian america (alaska) to the Americans and will no longer be located on the american map.
            1822 brazil indepence mutated map campagne
            1814 sinamary ,French g. is occupied by the portugese (north american campagne) pre-brazilian civilization
            1796 cleveland akron ,ohio region is first settled
            1600 cities along us eastern sea board are founded
            1450s germans comence guttenburg bible publishing company