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Having trouble with instillation

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  • Having trouble with instillation

    I have just purchased AOMIV and I have never played any of the earlier versions.

    Do I just unzip all AOMIV files into the CTP2 root directory, or do I need to place specific file types in specific folders?

    I cannot find specific instructions for installation in fact it seems that AOMIV requires that I first download and install an earlier version first. Even if this is the case I find the installation instructions for AOM2 unclear as well. Finally in the instructions to install AOMIV over AOM2 it makes mention of copying at least one specific folder over another folder and yet I find no folders among the many files within the zip on AOMIV disk. Is this folder within one of the many zips within? Is there a file that fully explains AOMIV installation and if so where is it?

    Looking forward to playing this renown mod.

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