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  • Welcome back...

    Welcome back stan and the AoM crew. For those that have been following both AoM and the AE I *think* we've made some progress on getting the scenario folder for AoM to work better.

    For those that don't know the Source Code Project (Known as the Apolyton Edition) does not need mod swapper. Instead the scenario folders used in CtP2 can be used to store mods and you can start new games by selecting a scenario.

    I have made an AoM "patch" that basically removes the prefix from AoM files and lets the AoM files work. I haven't tested it recently and haven't done much improvements lately by user Pave has been using it and hopefully things have benn panning out (see HERE

    But other than that welcome back to Apolyton stankarp and AoM
    Formerly known as "E" on Apolyton

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    Picked up AOM (CD) when it was in its 2nd version.But have been busy with the AE version. But wanted to support such a major mod release.
    Have to give this new patch a try. Great to see Apolyton support your work Stan. Hope it with bring some of the older fans around to give it a try.
    Between the code work and AOM there is extra years of enjoyment added to CtP2


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      Just saying hello and repeating, it was never my original plan to have a separate forum from Apolyton, it is just the way it worked out.

      I am going overseas in a couple of days for 3 weeks to shoot footage (mainly spectacular backgrounds) for the Age of Nations Machinima (and my wife thinks for a holiday together, shuss), and I don't know if the NZ's have internet cafes etc. It was terrible in England last year, hope I can call in a couple of times.


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        Welcome back AoM
        Call to Power 2: Apolyton Edition - download the latest version (12th June 2011)
        CtP2 AE Wiki & Modding Reference
        One way to compile the CtP2 Source Code.


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          have a safe and fun trip stankarp
          anti steam and proud of it

          CDO ....its OCD in alpha order like it should be