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  • AoM III FAQs

    To help stimulate usage of the new forum here for AoM (plus since no one has responded yet to my FAQ post over at Stan's AoM Site :P ), I will repost a list of questions I made earlier:

    Ok, I've got a new list brewing, and I know I've forgotten some of the questions I wanted to ask (funny how during game time I come up with them, and then promptly forget what I wanted to ask. So now I keep a notepad next to my computer for future recording ).

    1. when making a diplomatic proposal, how exactly does the 'tone' (meek, indignant, etc.) effect the diplomatic response by the AI?

    2. How does combat really work?! I am wondering how the defense/offense/hitpoints, etc. calculate out and effect the outcome. I don't know how the defense and offense attributes figure into the mix.

    3. The Great Library (GL) states that Phalanxs get a bonus against cavalry. Is this true? How much is it and how does it work?

    4. The GL states that using a scientist on a good to get modern techs ala Outposts costs 10,000 PW and Gold, but the .pdf manual states it is 20,000. Which is true?

    That's all I've got listed right now, but I know there were a few others I wanted to ask but forgot what they were. Anyhow, thanx for the help!