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How to Run CTP2 in Windows 10

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  • How to Run CTP2 in Windows 10

    This is a modified version of a post I found at the GoG forums, and it solves the o/s related issues with getting CtP2 up and running. I've made a few grammatical changes and added a few notes of my own, and will post the whole thing here for those who are interested in getting back into the game:

    ************************************************** ************************************************** *********

    DxWnd is a "Windows hooker" program that provides an easy solution to getting Call to Power 2 up and running on Win 10. In addition to solving that problem, you'll also be able to run the game in windowed as well as full-screen mode, and you can tweak the Windows settings unlike any other program I've ever used. And, oh yes, it's free!

    Let's get started.

    1. If you don't have it already, buy the game at GoG.
    a. Install anywhere outside of the Program files folders, e.g. C:\Games\Call to Power 2\
    b. Go to your Call To Power 2 folder and drill down the following two folders until you come to the executable: ctp2_program --> ctp --> ctp2.exe
    c. Right click on ctp2.exe; click on Properties and then click on the Compatibility tab. Tick the "Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 3) and "Run this program as an administrator"

    2. Get DxWnd. Just click on the green button to get the latest version (as of today it's v2_05_83_fx4_build). Note: DxWnd comes zipped as an rar file; you'll need a utility like WinRar or 7zip to unpack it.

    3. Install DxWnd by simply unpacking to any folder you want; I put mine in the same Games folder like this: C:\Games\DxWnd

    4. Right click on dxwnd.exe, click on "Properties" and on the Compatibility tab tick "Run this program as an administrator"

    5. Create a shortcut to the executable on your desktop. Double click on it to open up the rather small DxWnd window, which will be blank

    6. Re-open your file manager if you've closed it and go to Call To Power 2 --> ctp_program --> ctp

    7. Single left click on the ctp2.exe file and drag it to the open DxWnd window, then let go: a new dialogue box with text boxes and a myriad of check boxes will appear, and the "Path:" window will already be filled in for you.

    8. Give the game a name in the "Name:" box; rather originally I called mine "Call To Power 2" ;-)

    9. Click on the OK button and the dialogue window will disappear and an icon labelled "Call To Power 2" - or whatever you entitled it - will now be located in the DxWnd window.

    10. Double click on the icon and watch the intro movie. After the movie is over the game's interface will appear; you can click on "Quit" now.

    10a. Kull's Note: The movies wouldn't play and the game hung up, so I searched and found that you also need to install the K-Lite Codec Pack Basic. When you install it, just go with all the default selections.

    11. Get the Apolyton mod

    12. Back up the following folders in your Call To Power 2 installation just in case you want to go back:

    13. Unpack the Apolyton zip file into a spare folder and then open the resulting
    "2011-06-12.CTP2.ApolytonEdition" folder to reveal the following sub-folders:

    14. Drag those 3 folders to your Call To Power 2 folder and allow all overwrites.

    15. Open up DxWnd again and double click on the Call To Power 2 icon; you could also single left click on the icon, right click on the now-highlighted icon and choose "Run." Your window should open up again and after the intro movie you should notice the changed interface. Now your game will actually be playable.

    16. If you want to change the location of the window as well as its size, use the following steps:
    a. Highlight the Call To Power 2 icon in your DxWnd window and right click.
    b. Choose "Modify" from the menu; that same dialogue box we started with should reopen.
    c. If you want to center the window, click on the "Desktop center" radio button, then click OK.
    d. Under the "Window initial position & size" line there are 4 text boxes; you can change the default 800 x 600 to anything you want; e.g. I use 1280 x 1024. Again click OK and try out how it looks.
    e. If you have failed to save your changes (File --> Save) then DxWnd will prompt you with a popup that tells you that the "Task list has changed. Do you want to save it?" Save if you like your changes; don't if you don't :-)

    16a. Kull's Note: The resolution I use is 1400 x 1050. However, you still need to launch the game and then change the in-game video display options to the same resolution, otherwise it will look fuzzy and horrible.


    * You don't have to click the OK button to try out your changes, there's a "Try" button that will open the window. When you've made up your mind as to whether or not you like it, then hit the "Kill" button next to "Try" to close the window.

    * There is also a "Help" button that brings up extensive documentation about every choice you have on every tab of DxWnd. Want to know what the difference between Desktop center, Desktop work area, and Desktop is? The help file has screengrabs to show you. I suggest you read the entry for each option to save yourself trouble rather than relying on guesswork.

    * Most of DxWnd's options are just that: optional. However, I strongly suggest you keep the default options that come with DxWnd. If you mess up and end up with an unworkable situation, simply delete the "dxwnd.ini" file - a simple text file - and start up DxWnd again. A new default .ini file will be created and you can try your luck again.

    Kull's Additional Notes:

    * Fixing the "Extra Mouse active outside the Game Window" issue:
    - ISSUE: This happens when you position the in-game cursor over something, but when you click the mouse button, the "focus" was REALLY on the Windows cursor outside the frame. So the game window minimizes and you have to click it to bring it back. This happens CONSTANTLY and is a real immersion breaker, to say nothing of being extremely annoying and almost game breaking.

    - The FIX: Click your CtP2 icon in the DxWnd window, then click "Edit" and "Modify". Then click the "Mouse" tab and make the following changes:
    * Mouse Clipper = ON
    * Correct mouse position = checked
    * Keep cursor within window = checked
    * Keep cursor fixed = checked

    Next time you launch a game (in fact, every time you start a game), the original problem is still visible, but the very first time you take an in-game action the outside cursor disappears and the problem is resolved for that session.
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