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How to get Call to Power 2 to run better?

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  • How to get Call to Power 2 to run better?

    I just have wasted 2 days trying to get CtP2 (steam version) to run on my computer
    (windows 7 64 bit Professional, CPU 5960x, 128GB DDR4, GPU RTX 2080ti)

    the problem was : it would load a black screen, music could be heared but no visuals... and than the game froze.
    -removing the video's folder removed that problem (though it sucks to have no wonder movies so I wish a fix for that problem too)
    however that did NOT make the game run as it would now freeze 3 seconds in (I could press a button or just keep the mouse still it always froze)

    **what eventually fixed that issue was
    -set my mouse at minimum settings
    -turn g-sync off
    -set my monitor at 16bit color
    -set my monitor at a 600x800 resolution
    -turn off all steam shell features for this game
    -find the .exe file and apply windows xp SP3 compability and admin rights
    -launch from this .exe directly and not from the steam start button.

    it would still sometimes freeze... but I was able to play...
    but at these settings the game looks horrible....

    so please anybody how do I get the game to run at a resolution that does justice to my nostalgia.. and with wonder video's?

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    mine runs good on win10 64,i got the gog version and added this patch

    some trouble with sound but works


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      @OP Did you have the apolyton mod installed?


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        One cause might be that you don't have directx90c installed. Did you check it?