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Repeating piano sfx after end turn

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  • Repeating piano sfx after end turn

    I'm using CTP 2: Apolyton, The installation media is not the original Activision release but something called Xplosiv I found on Amazon.

    After turn 30 or higher it'll keep playing this off key piano sfx that gets worse as the game goes on. Sometimes it'll play once and others it'll repeat a few times causing a bit of a fps dip.

    I wanna add that appreciate the work done on this game and that this project has inspired me to learn C++ in hopes of some day being able to work on this project.

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    Assuming your keyboard has built-in sounds, also called patches, you select the piano patch as your current sound. Most keyboards have several piano patches.

    If your keyboard does not have built-in sounds, you will need to connect it via a MIDI cable or USB to a device that does have sounds like a synthesizer module or a computer with a “soft” instrument.

    Do not confuse, a lack of built-in sounds with lack of a built-in speaker. Many keyboards have sounds but need to be connected to an external amplifier/speaker.
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