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A comprehensive list of Top CtP2 mods?

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  • A comprehensive list of Top CtP2 mods?

    Hello everyone, I've just joined this forums. I'm not a veteran civ player tbh, I first started with CivRev years ago (lol) and then went into Civ 5 and loved it. Then some people suggested civ 4, calling it better. Then lately I got both civ 4, and CtP 2 on a whim when I saw CtP2 on steam, as I've heard some interesting things about it. I've started playing CtP2 just a few days ago, and honestly I cannot drop it, I cannot stop thinking about it even when I'm not playing it. It hogged all my attention from other civ games, this is my jam, I've thrown away all my other civ games, this is the stuff that caters to me the most. But then the obvious question comes to my mind: what are the top mods that make this game even better? Is there a mod that restores the space layer from previous game for example? (I know might be asking for too much) By mods, I also mean unofficial patches that fixes / makes small changes / balances to the base game as well, those are also welcome.
    I've also heard that there is an unofficial fan patch of this game or something, but I don't know where to find it or what it does.
    Also could you include links for the mods when you are rating as well?