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CTP2 GOG version + SCP revision 1111 = no music

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  • CTP2 GOG version + SCP revision 1111 = no music


    I recently stumbled upon this wonderful project after picking up the GOG version of CTP2. I'm really grateful that this game is still supported and improved by the fan community.
    My question is if there will be (or maybe already is) another revision or fix that enables the music of the GOG version. Obviously there's no cd which has the tracks on it. Instead there's a music folder which has 10 or so MP3s in it. The standard install without the SCP plays them nicely; with the SCP applied no music is played.
    Thanks in advance.

    (Posted already in the SCP subforum.)

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    I have the same problem, what I did was put the music from the game folder playing on WMP on the background.


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      I'd try sending a email to BureauBert as he probably knows how to fix it or at least can give you a definitive answer if the problem is being worked on or not.
      Try for discussion and debate.