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Problems running CALL TO POWER V1.2

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  • Problems running CALL TO POWER V1.2

    I Install the game and when I run it closes the program and shows this message..... Thanks !!!!
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    Is this Call to Power 2 or Civilization - Call to Power?

    If it is Civilization - Call to Power: try setting the Compatibility to Windows 98/ME. If this does not work, ask again in the CtP forum. The guys over there may know more.
    If it is Call to Power 2, you may try the playtest release. With this version, we may find out more about why it crashes.


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      call to power v1.2

      Sorry for my ignorance... I have windows XP, how can I set it to 98/ME?... and by the way its CALL TO POWER V1.2


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        Go to the directory where you have installed the game, and find the .exe-file. If it is named ctp2.exe, you have Call to Power 2, and it should work without the compatibility mode.

        If it is named ctp.exe, you have Civilization - Call to Power. In this case, right-click on the file, and select Properties. Go to the Compatibility tab, and tick the first box ('Run this program in compatibility mode for:'). Then, select Windows 98/ME with the list box.


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          If it's Call To Power v1.2 then it should be CTP1 updated to v1.2. As far as I recall CTP2 latest official patch was 1.1. In CTP it's 1.2. However I've never seen this screen in CTP before and it runs smoothly in all versions of Windows XP.