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Help why am I crashing?

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  • Help why am I crashing?

    I have apoly pack installed and at or around 2001 to 2005 I crash everytime. WHY?> If I cant figure out why I am crashing. No tweaks just me and the puter. but when I LOAD the game 2001 and advance a turn I crash to desktop. If you have a solution please post or email me at [email protected]. Thanks much

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    A small Update..

    If I go back and load to PRE 2K (the year that is) I can play and play and play. But when I save the game and come back to it the next day, load it and advance a turn it will crash to the desktop. I know this is a bug but how do I fix it?

    Anyone else out there with it?

    I have WinXP, CTP2 w/ the patch and I installed the Super Apolyton Pack. My system is a 2.4 gig, gforce 6800GT and 1gig of ram.

    The exact thing that happens is when the advancement of the turn is over the game goes down to minimal on the bar and I get a windows box that says 'CtP2 has encountered a problem and needs to close'.

    I was playing on easy settings.

    I had four civs left and was rampaging thru the heart of all four at once.

    If anyone needs more info or such please contact above.


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      Going to try and save my last game

      Hopefully it is here.
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        More updates!! I read and forgot about /reloadslic and viola! THAT fixed my crashing problem for loading a game!! Hit the (') key and type in /reloadslic hit enter and that did the trick!!


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          I'm glad you were able to solve this by yourself - sorry noone came to help you. Another thing you might consider is using the Apolyton Edition of the game which can be obtained from the source code project forum. Many crashes are fixed in that version.


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            Thanks and...

            Where do I get the apolyton source version? Can you link or email it to me? Do I pay for it? Is it a version of CTP2 or the Super apoly pack? Thanks much for your time...=)


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              check out the playtest thread, jbytheway just posted a new one!
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                As E says, it can be obtained from the end of the playtest thread.