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CTP1 on WinXP

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  • CTP1 on WinXP

    Hi to all.

    I guess this problem had been discussed thousands of times before but the forum is so vast now and hard to search over that I decided to post it anew. For this I apologize.

    I try to run CTP1 on my WinXP desktop. I have a 'regular' CD ISO and Enhanced Edition ISO but none of both works. The installation runs fine, then I can start the game normally, right away, by autostart and having ISO still mounted in Daemon Tools. But after this first time the game refuses to run, I just see the black screen with hand-cursor for a few seconds and then it drops to desktop.

    No means I've managed to find over the Internet ever work. Compatibility mode (Win95 and Win98, under Win2000/NT game doesn't start at all) doesn't work. Wing32.dll is present in Windows\System32 folder. Patches 1.2 and 1.21 have been installed.

    What else have I to do?
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    Well, I found out what caused my problem. I changed the screen resolution during the first (succesful) run via Options and now I had to change it back via CFG file (don't remember its name). The game seems to be fond of the current desktop resolution only. So what can I to do now when my screen resolution is 1024*768 and I want to play CTP1 in 800*600? Changing resolution back via CFG file returns the problem and the game doesn't run.


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      Is this something a video graphic upgrade can fix?