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CTP1 Increase players in EXISTING scenario?

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  • CTP1 Increase players in EXISTING scenario?

    Hi guys,

    I've recently got CTP1 working and have installed the official patch, 1.21 hack fan patch, and the awesome Apolyton pack.

    I want to play a big earth game so the best choice I've found appears to be the 24 player world map scenario that comes with the Apolyton pack. However I want to increase the player count from 24 to CTP1's max of 31 (or closer to it at least) and add a few missing important Civs (eg French & Greeks) and so far I've had no luck!

    If I start the scenario and open up the scenario editor (via cheat mode) it shows 1-24 out of a claimed total of 28 Civs (eg each civ says 3/28, 7/28 etc etc) yet I cannot access those extra 4 slots (25-28) to add in extra Civs. If I try to add in a new Civ while one of the 24 existing civs is selected it replaces that one. In the CTP2 editor you can access player 0 Barbarian and any unused players slots right up to the maximum yet in CTP1's editor it just doesn't let me do the same. Is there a trick or way around this?

    I tried a way around it by using the editor to place 31 player start positions and then saved it as a new scenario file. However when I tried to load the copy scenario the whole 24 player selection was gone and it only allowed 8 players max from my 31 start positions. When I did the traditional editing of games settings text file to allow 31 max players the game crashed when I tried to load my copy scenario so it looks like that plan failed too. I tried lower numbers and I just kept crashing.

    If there's any CTP1 scenario guru's left lurking around here who know how to increase the player's in an existing scenario so I can go past the original 24 in the Apolyton 24 player World map please left me know!