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Playing as Barbarians in Call to Power

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  • Playing as Barbarians in Call to Power

    Hi guys,

    I'm doing a series of games and videos where I attempt to play as the Barbarians via cheat mode, fan editors, or hex hacking. Had great success with Civ 1, Civ 2 & ToT as there's some good guides out there but as I look to other Civ related games things start to get a bit harder haha!

    In Call to Power activating cheat mode can allow you to create a city next to a Barbarian unit and give it some stuff. The Barbarians will capture the city. However unfortunately the Civ human player selector does not include Barbarians so unless there's a hidden trick (like in Civ2's cheat editor) then you cannot take control of them. Therefore does anyone know of a good CTP save file editor or save file hex editing guide that might make this a possibility?
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    Ooooh yes!!!! I've successfully taken control of the Barbarians in CTP 2 by selecting Player 0 in the in-game editor and creating some cities and units.. all you see is black so I thought it didn't work however once I ended the turn I could see my units and once I moved them around it uncovered the black fog of war map thank goodness. Awesome!!!

    Now if only I could do the same with CTP1 but its in-game editor will not let you select player 0/barbs.. unless there's a very well hidden loophole I'm gonna need something external (eg a good CTP1 editor or a savegame hacking guide).