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  • CTP - Questions about game mechanics


    I am still playing from time to time this nice game on Windows 10. It still works! Even the multiplayer via Internet.
    Is there anyone out there still playing as well?

    I found a few odd things in the game mechanics, though. Do you have an opinion about that?

    1.) Active defence: All active defence units attack immediatley the first airplane which enters their range, overkilling it. If you then approach with a stack of your actual attack airplanes, they do not fire again. This makes active defence not completely useluss, but I do not think it is intended like this.

    2.) Pollution does not seem to affect mountains. I never saw a mountain tile changing to wasteland. A coast city surrounded by mountains is therefore not affected by pollution (set aside happiness and floods)

    3.) The unhapiness caused by attacks of special units stack. 3 clerics, frightening a city in the same turn (100% success rate, 1500 gold) make the city to immediatly riot. Who needs a spy? (And who needs military?)

    4.) A riot (unhappiness < 73) does not seem to affect the city at all except for food production. Gold and production are generated as normal. Seems to me like a huge bug?

    5.) Fighting in sea tunnels: Very entertaining. The attacker always wins, even if it is just a warrior. Does he simply punch a whole into the tube, drowning all enemies?

    6.) Ranged naval units attacking a sea city do not seem to do anything at all.

    7.) Phantom: I can not imagine any use case for this unit. In space, you can reach any tile within one turn with any space unit anyway. You can hide in your space city. Or anywhere else on the map. Why cloaking?

    I have a few more, but lets see if there is anyone still looking into this forum