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  • Forever Future 1.8 PBEM game

    This thread is devoted to the Third Grand Game of Call to Power: Forever Future, which has started on the 19th of March 2017.

    Introducing the players:

    1. AI as Mahathma Gandhi, leader of the Indians.
    2. AI as Adolf Hitler, leader of the Germans.
    3. Me as Alexander the Great.
    4. Ivan Dogovich as Monty Zooma, leader of the Aztecs.
    5. Rikers as Ragnar Lothbrok, leader of the Vikings.
    6. Eerion as Gilgamesh, leader of the Assyrians.
    7. Tuiteraz as Hannibal, leader of the Phoenicians.
    8. Dioxine as Vlad Dracula, leader of the Slavs.

    Game settings:
    Map size: Huge (Forever Future Huge, which is much bigger than standard Huge), Earth-shaped world
    Difficulty: Deity, Raging Hordes, Pollution on, Bloodlust off
    Civs: 8 (human and AI players)
    Terrain settings: 50% Dry, 20% Cold, 80% Ocean, 70% Continent, 70% Diverse, 70% Goods

    So, without further ado...

    At first, he heard the sea. Gentle waves, stroking the beach back and forth, following the ageless rhythm. And also rough calls of seagulls, darting through the air somewhere above him.

    After he slowly opened his eyes, he saw a festival of colours: unrealistically blue water, rich yellow of the sand, and incredibly azure sky with no trace of clouds. And after he rolled to the side, trying to shake some of the sand off his beard, he also saw the green of trees, tall and sturdy against winds from the ocean.

    As he was about to sit up, he spotted someone was moving about in the trees; a small group of slender, auburn-haired men, wearing only simple loincloths and armed with primitive, stone spears. They have already spotted him too; they were gesturing towards him excitedly, whispering loudly. Still he managed to catch one often repeated word, a word from his own, incredibly ancient language: "Okeanos! Okeanos!"

    "Oh damn, here we go again", he groaned, and fell flat on his back. He already knew he could only afford a few minutes of rest, and he wasn't going to waste it.


    For the past days they had been travelling up a river which lazily flown across flat, grassy land, scarcely dotted with trees. The river split in two, then again, until it was more of a stream than a proper river, barely traversable for their flat boats. Luckily these people knew the river well. These people... His people. He didn't even have to do much to assume leadership, since he was immediately recognized as a divine being anyway; the only effort was knocking out one sceptical shaman, a mere formality - even though he felt incredibly weakened, he was still one of the Masters, far surpassing any ordinary man of these lands.

    "Hey, Pelagias, how far is it to your village?", he asked. "Two, three days?"

    "It has been raining, so the water is deep. Two days at most." Pelagias, the leader of the hunting party which had found him, was a young, reasonably handsome, but quite short man; he was reminiscent of a relaxed weasel. "Then we will eat and drink, and pray! So much meat! And you, Titan, will be an even greater blessing!"

    Iskandar laughed heartily. "Sure, Pelagias! Don't mention it." The boats carried a dozen wild boars killed in the forest, most of them by his own hand. "Well, meat is good, but there are more precious things in life than meat. Just wait and you'll see what we can accomplish together!"


    The attack, traditionally, came just before dawn. They were no longer travelling through a river, instead they were in a luscious, dense jungle, walking down a barely visible path. It was on this path where they made their last camp of this journey, but it was not meant to be peaceful.

    It was nothing new for Iskandar to wake up to sounds of battle, but to say he was accustomed to it would be an exaggeration. He stumbled in the dark, for a moment unable to tell his companions from enemies; there were men screaming, snarling, swinging clubs at each other or writhing in pain on the ground. The attackers weren't any better armed than them, but they were more numerous and had the advantage of surprise; at least two Iskandar's men were already dead, and several more were being worn down quickly by the relentless attackers.

    Iskandar didn't waste a moment; he grabbed the nearest weapon-like object, which turned out to be a piece of wood from the smouldering fireplace, and fell upon the nearest foe. The warrior didn't even make a sound when the club smashed his skull; he was dead before his body hit the ground. Another one tried to stab Iskandar with a spear, but Iskandar grabbed the weapon and with an abrupt turn of his huge body, he snapped it like a twig. Then he delivered a swift kick to a third enemy, who managed to pin Pelagias to the ground, and sent him flying.

    "Come fight me!" he bellowed, easily drowning other voices with his roar. "I will gladly send you to the afterworld!"


    When they were ready to move out, it was already late morning. Four of his men out of sixteen did not survive the attack, either slain on the spot or having died of blood loss. Three were gravely injured and could not travel on their own. Both the wounded and the dead were placed on makeshift stretchers to be carried by their companions.

    Despite their losses, the hunters were in a relatively good mood, knowing that without their new friend they would all be dead - or enslaved, to be killed later. About fifteen more corpses were strewn across the small battlefield, abandoned by their fleeing brethren.

    "So, Pelagias", he asked, "what are these people called?"

    "Spartans", answered the hunter with an angry gleam in his eye. "Wretched men, who worship dark gods of blood. We used to live in peace, but it ended a few winters ago."

    "Spartans, eh?" Iskandar scratched his beard. "Well, they were good warriors, they fought bravely. We should at least give them last rites."

    "What are you saying, Titan? They are our mortal enemies!"

    "For now, maybe. But remember, my boy, everything flows... as my teacher used to say."

    And so they carried the bodies of dead Spartans onto a pile and covered it with stones. Then Iskandar took some broken pieces of weapons, placed them on top of the mound and light them on fire, humming a long forgotten hymn to the fallen. The others waited patiently.

    He was about to signal for march, but something caught his eye; a gleam in the grass. He picked up a small, green crystal on a leather string; one of the attackers must have lost it in battle.

    "And what is this thing?"

    "It's jade, Titan", answered Galen, the oldest and wisest of the Greeks. "A rare stone which can be found in these jungles."

    "Oh, really?" Iskandar carefully tied the stone to his makeshift club. "Then let's take it as a good omen. And now let's hurry to your village, they could be in danger!"

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    Monty stirred on his pallet restlessly as his sleeping mind was led into realms strange and distant. A vast darkness filled the expanse of his awareness until he felt as if he would be lost in the eternal emptiness. Powerless to escape from this primordial abyss he despaired of ever finding release. Then, as a dim spark in the night, a tiny pinpoint of light fixated his attention. With all his will, he concentrated on it, as a drowning man will grasp at any hope of salvation.

    He soon found that the tiny light grew and a form resolved itself as a new primordial force was born into this universe of darkness. Closer and closer, he was drawn to the presence, yet despite his growing proximity he could not comprehend clearly that which he beheld. His mind struggled with his perception as the form consisted of both elemental dark and light. As he pondered this impossible duality, he suddenly saw with understanding beyond his natural senses. The awareness struck him that not only was this both dark and light embodied, but also Good and Evil. Male and female. Fire and water. Judgement and Forgiveness. A duality from the abyss. A comprehension from the incomprehensible.

    As this understanding inscribed itself on his consciousness, he suddenly found a name in his mind: “Ometeotl (Two-Force), Lord of the Duality.” A sharp pain upon his chest jarred him out of sleep and he thrashed upright and placed a hand the stinging area. Warm to his touch, the pain subsided and in the darkness of the night, he lay back down. He soon drifted back to sleep on the soft night sounds. When he woke in the morning, he noticed in the dawn light that he had an image tattooed upon his chest that had not been there before. He knew that this was the mark of Ometeotl. Though why a god had chosen to leave its mark on him, he knew not.

    The mark of Ometeotl:
    The Mark of Ometeotl
    The Mark of Ometeotl

    The following night, as Monty slept, he again found himself caught up into an other-worldy visitation. Again the void, but again, Ometeotl was present. A vast dark sea seemed to form the plane of this universe and the resplendent duality before him hovered just over the waters. Slowly the two-force began to rotate as the energies within swirled in their tenuous balance. Light flash in the darkness as the rotations picked up speed, jets of flame flickered out in ever longer streamers.

    Suddenly four orbs of energy spun off in four directions from the creator being and began their own swirl. Within each one, a new force began to take form, while Ometeotl returned to stillness.

    To the West, the first form took that of a bright feathered serpent. The embodiment of light, his color was white, and the winds were at his command. He became lord of the Day, and Ruler of the West, the Wisdom and Mercy were his nature. Quetzalcoatl was his name.
    The Mark of Queztalcoatl

    To the South blue wings of flame formed the shape of a hummingbird within which appeared the figure of a magnificent man. In his left hand he bore a shield with five suns upon it and four arrows. As Lord of War, Sun and Fire, his color was blue and he was known as Huitzilopochtli (Hummingbird of the South).
    The Mark of Huitzilopochtli

    To the East a ball of Golden Energy began to coalesce into a human form crouched into a ball. Slowly the figure rose and as it did, began to stretch out its limbs. As it reached out the skin began to peel back from the fingers and toes similar to a snake shedding its skin or a seed emerging from a husk. Seams sinews and flesh glistened in golden light as the flayed skin hung on the godlike figure. This symbol of death and rebirth typified the renewal of Spring and the agricultural cycles of farming. The name of this being is Xipe Totec (Our Lord the Flayed One) and is the ruler of the East, Springtime, farming and Goldwork, his color is red.
    Xipe Totec

    To the North there spun a ball of smokey darkness. The dark vapor swirled into a rough column and dark limbs began to emerge. A face emerged with golden bands across the eyes and mouth and the remaining smoke fused itself into a smoking obsidian disc on the striking figure's chest. This dark deity is Lord of the North, ruler of the night and darkness, the god of Judgement, deceit and divination. He is known as Tezcatlipoca (Smoking Mirror) and his color is Black.

    Again, when Monty awoke, he found strange representations of these powerful entities engraved upon his form. Quetzalcoatl on his left arm, Huitzilopochtli his left thigh. Upon his right, Xipe Totec and above Tezcatlipoca. The fantastic figures of his vision echoed in his mind and he considered what the divine forces might be telling him.

    He recalled the lands in which his people now found themselves as they traveled to plant a new kingdom. Immediately to the West, White expanses brought Quetzalcoatl's winds and held unknown promise in strange nearby ruins. To the South, blue waters of a verdant river promised bounty in Huitzilopochtli's realm. To the East the sun's golden rays glinted off a verdant plain in Xipe Totec's promises. And to the North, dark forests marked the obscure domains of Tezcatlipoca.

    Which of these mighty deities would favor these Aztec peoples? Which of them would play false and bring woe and sorrow upon them. Monty did not know the answer to these questions, but he vowed in his heart that he would lead his people to the best of his ability, and would prove himself capable of the regard of gods and men.