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  • Junkstrings


    I've modified my version of CTP and I've got units working okay, but not the help files. In some cases I've been able to do it, but in others I haven't. Could someone give me a quick rundown on what to modify.

    Also, whenever a new unit is built, the message is "Junkstring_unit_cleric" rather than the real message for the unit.

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    OK, the various associated files are quite complex. I will shamelessly refer you to my modding guide at:
    but I'll also give a summary here:

    The Great Library (GL) entries are determined by the DEFAULT_ICON field. This refers to an entry in uniticon.txt. The DESCRIPTION field is obsolete and does nithing - but it refers to strings of the form "JUNKSTRING_UNIT_..." as you mentioned. I have no idea how you got these strings appearing.

    In uniticon.txt (don't forget to correctly set the number at the top) each icon has two pictures, one movie and some text files associated with it. The first few are for the GL, but the last two set the picture and text for the production tab. Experiment a bit and you'll see what's going on.

    The last thing you might want to do is set up the right-click popups for the production tab. For this you must open up script.slc just past half way you'll find a lot of lines like:


    Make copies for your new units, and then add appropriate strings to help_str.txt.