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CTP1: Forever Future 1.7 has been released

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  • CTP1: Forever Future 1.7 has been released

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Let me present you the fruit of several years of labour: the Forever Future mod for Civ: CTP. It was made by two people (including myself) to make this game even more enjoyable. We hope you'll like it too.

    The Forever Future mod can be downloaded from here.

    The reasons for creating this mod were:
    a. To add more content to the game in order to make it more fun.
    b. To make the game more in accordance with history and logic, without sacrificing gameplay.
    c. To fix what we felt were errors and/or unnecessary simplifications.
    d. To rebalance the game on various levels.

    Here's a (more or less) complete list of changes:

    Here's a list of what changes this mod introduces to CTP. It is divided into five sections: units, buildings, wonders, general and governments.
    R-click description of units and buildings is defunct in this version, and the Library is only about 95% complete and may cointain errors.
    Note that the Forever Future Mod is NSFW due to some 120x90 px nudity.


    1. We removed the ability to target aircraft with ranged fire (and as a consequence, to assault aircraft-only stacks) from an awful lot of units. Originally everything from the Musketeer upwards was able to do it; now this ability is restricted to specialized anti-air units and futuristic badasses (generally beginning with the Fusion Tank). This also means that aircraft are great soakers of ranged fire, since they cannot be hurt be it.
    2. Aerial units are much faster to better compete with the obscene speeds of railway-faring tanks and such, and to allow them to operate from relatively safe airfields. This coupled with the point 1. above made them really outstanding (as they damn should be) so their prices were increased accordingly.
    3. Paradrop range was increased from 20 to 30, keeping up with the increased speeds of the aircraft.
    4. New visibility type appeared: Commando. Only Commando units can see other Commando units. Commando units also generally are able to see Trade units, like the Slaver. Usually, they are also able to peek into enemy cities as well.
    5. Many special actions are cheaper, most noticeably Steal Advance. Civilisations generally have a harder time keeping Advances to themselves now, which adds to the realism. Incite Revolution had an even sharper drop in price, and is no longer a pastime of the fabulously wealthy - but don't worry, it's not a game-winner either. Inciting Slave Revolt is even cheaper, as Slaves generally stand no chance against the city's garrison anyway.
    6. Many units are now government-dependent to increase differences between govts and make people less inclined to change them at a drop of a hat. Sometimes you need a diferent special unit to do the same thing; for example Communists cannot build Lawyers, but they have Commissars to deal with enemy lawyers and franchises.
    7. Most ancient units noticed a drop in their price. This, coupled with much longer Neolithic and Classical eras, and much less potent City Walls, makes warfare before the discovery of gunpowder a commonplace.
    8. Seaborne units are a little faster and generally cheaper (at least before the Nuclear Age) to increase their usefulness and encourage exploration.
    9. A lot of meddling was done to make the nuclear warfare as important and exciting as it should be, especially in multiplayer games. Now it's an art of its own.
    10. The slavery no longer ends suddenly with some proclamation or another, which would be historically untrue. Enslaving units are restricted to certain 'evil' goverments (like Fascism or Tyranny), but slaves must be liberated by abolitionists or conquering armies, otherwise they will stay in slavery even in the most self-righteous Democracy, which seems to better portray the human history. Besides, catching slaves is swell fun, isn't it?
    11. Spying units were equipped with some attack capability to be able to silently kill off settlers, lawyers, diplomats and the like. This also makes the strange practice of stacking an army with a Spy a bad idea in general, as he'll probably end up on the frontline. Spies shouldn't mix well with army groups, they're powerful enough in their own way.
    12. Tanks of all types, powerful as they are, were stripped of their ability to fortify, to stress the differences between the branches of armed forces. They still have their great mobility and attack strength, but are no longer superior to all other units.
    13. Militias were added: weak, defensive units which can (almost) always be built within 1 turn, but will reduce the city's population by 1. They're useful not only for impromptu defense, but allow to deconstruct cities of any size. They also allow for the 'total war mode', making it much harder to actually steamroll someone's mainland and take it intact, even if your military power is vastly superior.
    14. Mechanized forces and heavy cavalry now always have an odd number of movement points, to increase the difference in their mobility between open and difficult terrain.
    15. Radars were fixed. Now they do work, but aren't able to detect land units. To balance radars and listening posts, the latter have shorter vision than before (but they DO detect land units).
    16. Fortresses are now cheaper and have a Vision of 3 tiles to bestow upon them some usefulness.
    17. Normal ships are no longer able to detect land units other than cities and Leviathans (which seems a lot more realistic), so watch out.

    1. Unchanged Units.
    These are the Units that were generally unchanged except for things like name, cost, or other indirect factors. Their statline and main abilities certainly weren't changed.

    SETTLER - unchanged. He's just a Settler. He gets obsoleted by Colonialism though.
    WARRIOR - unchanged. He's the same cute chieftain we all love.
    SLAVER - now is not obsoleted by the Age of Reason but is government-dependent (more modern govts generally do not allow him).
    MOUNTED ARCHER - much cheaper now.
    PHALANX - is slightly cheaper.
    DIPLOMAT - unchanged, but now is obsoleted by Printing Press.
    LEGION - now reasonably priced.
    CLERIC - unchanged. But Selling Indulgences gives you a bit more than five Gold now, as opposite to how it was before.
    CANNON - unchanged. Huzzah!
    LAWYER - is unchanged. We couldn't make him any more vicious. He cannot be built under some governments though.
    ABOLITIONIST - unchanged.
    CORPORATE BRANCH - unchanged, but limited to certain governments. No more Communist Corporate Branches, guys.
    WAR WALKER - unchanged, was great as it was.
    SEA ENGINEER - unchanged.
    ECOTERRORIST - unchanged, just slighly cheaper.
    SPACE ENGINEER - as unchanged as could be.
    INFECTOR - mostly unchanged, some minor tweaks possible.
    SUBNEURAL ADS - name changed to Persuadator; accessible through the same governments as the Corporate Branch; more expensive.
    PARK RANGER - name changed to D.R.U.I.D., for obscure reasons.
    WORMHOLE PROBE - completely unchanged.
    MARINES - unchanged. (They're Completely Vanilla Marines. Get it?) But they have alternatives now.
    CARAVAN - cheaper. I mean, seriously. They'll pirate it anyway. Also, piracy brings more cash now.

    2. Changed Units.
    These units underwent some actual changes in their statline, special rules, or other significant features.

    TRIREME - is faster now, as all ships are, and cheaper.
    ARCHER - is cheaper and has Defense increased to 2 to increase his usefulness from none to limited.
    FIRE TRIREME - can Bombard Land and is faster. It's no longer entirely useless.
    SAMURAI - has been seriously messed with, but turned out to be basically the same thing.
    KNIGHT - has Attack value raised to 4 now.
    LONGSHIP - is faster now, as all ships are, and cheaper.
    PIKEMEN - now only has Attack 2 and reduced price.
    CAVALRY - now has Vision extended to 2.
    SHIP OF THE LINE - is faster now, as all ships are.
    MUSKETEER - Attack and Ranged stats lowered to 3. He's still a bit overpowering but really couldn't be any weaker to maintain realism.
    FASCIST - increased Defense, slightly increased cost (Fascism nerfed to account for that, though). Can catch Slaves in battle now!
    MACHINE GUNNER - slightly lower Attack value, but got some good Ranged score in return. He's no longer the average Joe in the trench, more like a support/garrison unit. In the original game machine guns had a shorter range than muskets, believe it or not.
    ARTILLERY - is more expensive, has Active Defense (land and sea) and Barrage Fire (see Concepts below). There are some additional minor tweaks too.
    TROOP SHIP - is faster now, as all ships are, and cheaper.
    SUBMARINE - now cannot transport Nukes and is generally weaker (also faster and cheaper). But worry not; look below for the Nuclear Sub instead.
    BATTLESHIP - is faster. That's it.
    SPY - can perform headshots now, also is faster. Generally more useful, even for poorer Civilisations. He gained the ability to attack and fortify; the latter is very handy for stationary spies.
    FIGHTER - much faster, slightly weaker and much more expensive.
    AIRCRAFT CARRIER - has badass-class Vision now, and can also see Land units. Also can transport Infantry units and nukes. Ranged attack score is stronger (Interceptor-level). We're convinced it's not completely useless anymore. Costs a ****load of production to make, but you won't need many of them.
    TANK - can't Entrench, has reduced Ranged attack (so no longer has this annoying tendency to only support storming Artillery units). It is no longer the only option in any army build.
    DESTROYER - no longer able to Bombard, but has increased Attack and vastly improved speed.
    TELEVANGELIST - increased movement.
    NUKE - decreased speed (to enforce using various delivery systems). Can be used in space if you manage to get it into orbit. Also: half the price, twice the fun!
    INTERCEPTOR - much faster and much more expensive. Still extremely effective.
    BOMBER - is faster and more expensive, and also has drastically reduced Attack score. It's a Bomber after all, not a friggin' battering ram... Inaccurate Bombardment quirk means that its usefulness as a direct support in battle is halved. That goes to all bomber denominations. Fear not, since Bomber's main ability to Bombard works as good as evah.
    MOBILE SAM - no longer able to Bombard aircraft (Active Defense works as normal). Chasing Aircrafts was just pretty ridiculous (well you can still Assault them, but we can't do anything about that).
    SPACE PLANE - much faster and now transports 4 Units.
    STEALTH SUB - much faster and more affordable.
    CRAWLER - totally overhauled to be a sort of an underwater sentry gun. Can Fortify underwater and transports only nukes. Reason: nobody uses slow transports in Diamond Age (ability to carry infantry was re-introduced in the last moment).
    SPACE CRUISER - it took a level in badass. Insanely powerful and insanely expensive. Also establishes embassies!
    STORM MARINES - they learned to use parachutes, apparently. They are no longer slain by sticks and stones, either.
    SPACE BOMBER - gained the Barrage Fire ability, to put the word "tiger" back into "glass tiger".
    LEVIATHAN - received a solid Hit Point bonus, and the cost was adjusted. Now it's a really, really solid unit, even if mostly impractical.
    SWARM - now has a statline that makes him actually superior to Nuclear Age units.
    PHANTOM - we couldn't figure out what to do with this bizarre (yet adorable) creature, so we gave it the ability to transport Nukes. A fail-safe plan!
    STEALTH BOMBER - same as Bomber, just better and Stealthy (it actually works). Or so they say.
    SPACE FIGHTER - faster, more expensive. We mean it's reeeeallyyy faaaaaast...!
    PLASMA DESTROYER - now it's fast like Eddie Rockets, as it freakin' should be! Has Active Defense too. Yes, it's that good.
    FUSION TANK - can't fortify. Period.
    CYBER NINJA - Faster, better, shootier (Conducts Hits!), and replaces the Abolitionist too.
    PLASMATICA - took a level in badass, and a parachute.

    3. New Units.
    These units are completely new to the game, even though a few of them uses in-game sprites (generally taken from units that were removed).

    MILITIA - costs 1 pop and can be built in 1 turn everywhere. Has basic combat abilities.
    SPEARMAN - has basic combat abilities (like the Warrior, but only has Vision 1). His main advantage is the low, low price.
    SLINGER - what passes for artillery in Neolithic times. Is best buddies with the Spearman. Instantly killed in hand-to-hand combat despite his tough looks.
    HOLY WARRIOR - a Cultist-only unit, consisted of naked people with clubs. But their clubs are big.
    SCOUT - is stealthy and very fast for her era, has some range abilities but is overall harmless... mostly. Good for spotting those damn Slavers. Makes early exploration an attractive option.
    MISTRESS - an early Spying unit. She can steal advances even in the ancient times... but is really ditzy at that.
    CHARIOT - yes, the real deal. It's fast and quite strong for its times.
    RANGER - a fast, stealth Archer with a '1,1,1' statline. Replaces the Scout: is similar but with full HP and can attack and burn farms and pirate caravans!
    HUSCARL - the first Marine unit, with a... sexy... voice. Has the biggest bang for the buck in his times.
    CATAPULT - extremely slow, and extremely easy to destroy. However, it rocks (excuse the incredibly lame pun) being the first Land unit with Bombardment ability. You'll be surprised what a stack or two of Catapults can do to a city.
    ASSASSIN - replaces Missy as the New Black of Spycraft. She can also kill off foreign officials, causing severe but short-lived Unhappiness.
    TEMPLAR - Knight in Shining Armor, restricted to Theocracy. Is stronger but slower than a normal Knight. Also known as Samurai Zealot on Steroids.
    AMBASSADOR - replaces Diplomat. He's faster, but the main reason for his existence is that guys in togas tend to really stand out from Middle Ages onwards.
    HUSSAR - a Noble Republic special unit, to sum up: Knight on Crack.
    CROSSBOWMAN - a mobile shooter, being the alternative to Gunpowder. A poor one, but still.
    COLONIST - obsoletes Settler as the Settling unit. Aggresively refuses to be kicked out which is surely going to cause some wars.
    CARAVEL - tired of Longships, anyone?
    CONQUISTADOR - a Renaissance Marine with a Hispanic flavour.
    RIFLEMAN - an upgraded version of Musketeer, bridges the gap between the Renaissance and Nuclear Era.
    NATIONAL MILITIA - obsoletes Militia, being the same type of unit (but with updated statline of course).
    IRONCLAD - the first modern ship, designed to sink other ships. Later evolves further into the Battleship.
    ZEPPELIN - the first flying unit, with limited attack and transport capabilities but unlimited fuel.
    GUERILLA - a Communism and Ecotopia only unit with Stealth. She can Incite Revolutions, but can also be used as a combat unit.
    FANATIC - a Fundamentalist unit, one of our favourites. Combines stealth with reasonable cost and a decent statline. Did we mention that he can plant nukes?
    COMMISSAR - a Communist combat lawyer. How awesome is that?
    CONSCRIPT - the average Joe in the trench. Added mainly because those guys in fur hats and red jackets looked fairly stupid on modern battlefields, but he's also slightly better (and cheaper!).
    ARMOURED RECON - Just a fast truck, basically...
    CHEM TROOPER - what good is a Civ game without chemical weapons? Which are used to Bombard squares? And Infect cities?
    MOBILE GUN - the first land unit that can Bombard after movement. A decent support unit, but it can't Fortify.
    NUCLEAR SUB - does what the Submarine did in the vanilla game.
    HUMANITARIAN AID - a cute, if sinister, unit for some additional income.
    AIR TRANSPORT - a plane that can transport troops and vehicles. A lifesaver.
    MECHANIZED INFANTRY - your new god. Err, we meant a cheap, balanced, and fast combat unit that can overwhelm just about anything.
    A-BOMB - an earlier form of Nuke with very limited mobility (2 tiles of fuel, man). Other than that, it blows up things just as good.
    GUNSHIP - a flying unit with exceptionally attack-heavy statline, unlimited fuel and, last but not least, the ability to capture cities.
    COMMANDO - a Stealthy paradropping unit to wreak havoc Behind the Enemy Lines (lol). He uses an entirely new flavour of Stealth, and can only be seen by similar units.
    ICBM - this entry is too short to discuss the tactics of using and countering the ICBM in detail; basically you load it up with nukes, launch it into space and blow up Civilisations.
    STEALTH LAUNCHER - a little unassuming truck that can be loaded with a nuclear missile. So unassuming it's actually invisible to most units.
    SDI LASER - tired of those pesky drop pods? You don't have to throw stones at them anymore! Oh yeah, it can also shoot down ICBMs and Spy Sats. Sometimes.
    ESCORT CRUISER - an expensive ship that does pretty much everything (Bombards land, sees Subs, has Active Defense against Aircraft).
    SPY SAT - designed to sit in orbit just above the enemy and take pictures. Extremely useful. Fairly defenseless - if someone can get into orbit to attack it, that is.
    COMBAT ENGINEER - obsoletes Colonist as the Settling unit. She is tough enough to fend off enemy units all by herself, at least primitive ones.
    DRONE - cheap ground-assault aircraft to quietly and efficiently obliterate those pesky Pikemen who keep squatting in your farms.
    HOVERCRAFT - can transport infantry over land and shallow sea. Not very useful most of the time, but does not trigger artillery's Active Defense.
    LAND WARRIOR - replaces the Conscript as the average Joe. A damn strong average Joe. With a minigun.
    STORMTROOPER - a cyborg soldier with a chute. He's not invisible like Commando but makes it up with sheer tenacity. Pricey.
    CLONE - a dirt cheap basic infantry unit for no-bull**** governments.
    ABC CLONE - a badass version of the Clone, for those who have more Production or just higher expectations. She can still be produced within one turn in any decent city. She does the Chem Trooper thing but is much better at it.
    EARTHSHAKER - a bigger, badder Artillery model. What more could you ask for?
    MOBILE INFANTRY - replaces Marines; generally the same thing, but stronger, faster, and with (evidently) more boobs.
    HANNABU - a flying saucer which replaces the Gunship in all aspects. Yes, it can capture cities.
    CYBER MILITIA - obsoletes the National Militia, being much tougher and faster but otherwise similar.
    DRYAD - a cheap assault unit for the industrially hadicapped Ecotopian regime. She can detect Commandos as an added bonus.
    CYBERPANZER - the Big Tank of Doom of this game. Need we say more?
    ASSAULT DROID - a nice little all-rounder with Active Defense and a huge price tag.
    KRAKEN - an underwater transporter-carrier with big guns. Replaces Aircraft Carrier. Sees Land units.
    SCOUT SUB - has some good stats in its statline, efficiently patrols seas and can spy on cities. So cheap and effective that it replaces the Destroyer.
    TRACKER - replaces the Commando, basically a straight upgrade.
    DEEPGUARD - Sea Infantry on Torpedo Bikes. They can actually move above land, too. They detect all subs and have commando-type invisibility.
    PRAETOR - a Virocracy-only badass warrior of epic proportions (or so he thinks). Basically a Storm Marine with a better statline and some political abilities. He's not cheap.
    PSI-OPS - the final diplomatic unit (obsoletes the Guy with a Walking Cane) who is Stealthy and sees everything (we mean everything). She can establish an Embassy where least expected. Scary, huh?
    DOMINATRIX - a better Slaver with a decent statline and an indecent sprite. Not available to governments which abhor slavery (strange little people they are).
    DEVASTATOR - a high-end spacecraft, a cross-breed between a Bomber and an Interceptor, with unlimited fuel. Makes Space Fighter look like a hot-air baloon armed with BB rounds. Won't fit into an aircraft carrier though.
    ASSAULT TRANSPORT - basically a bigger Space Plane with an awesome statline and unlimited fuel.
    DREADNOUGHT - a big submarine with what probably is the biggest gun on Earth (hint: Earth orbit is not Earth). Able to do diplomacy too.
    BATTLEOID - the Humongous Mecha Fan Dream come true, complete with flying, transformation sequence, and the amount of dakka. And a sexy pilot of course.
    HELIX KNIGHT - the ultimate infantry with enormous firepower. Her soul is the drill that will pierce the heavens!
    GOD SOLDIER - the ultimate special unit with some really dirty tricks up his sleeve, and a pretty hardcore statline too. Only available to Divine Empire.
    AUTOWAR - the last unit you'll ever build. Replaces all Settling units, and pretty much everything else...


    PARATROOPER - his role has been divided between a few Units, mainly the Stormtrooper (who even inherited the sprite) and the Commando.
    SPY PLANE - was pointless to begin with. Killed and reused as the Drone.


    MUSKETEER - the original was elevated to Rifleman status.
    SUBMARINE - the original was elevated to Nuclear Sub status.
    SPACE FIGHTER - looked like a cheap toy, or My First Night with 3D Apps - replaced with a custom one for the benefit of humanity.
    SWARM - was not that bad (I mean not as bad as the Space Fighter), but still we felt that it needed replacing. Badly.


    1. You can build Infrastructure in any city with no Advance needed. The point is, since you can set PW on the Civilisation screen, there's no reason to deny ordering any particular city to build PW - other than to show the player who the boss is, of course.
    2. Many buildings work slightly differently under various governments, and not just religious buildings. It only affects Happiness though.
    3. No impenetrable defences against anything, at least anything important, like nuclear weapons or general unhappiness. Only certain special actions can be absolutely countered by buildings.
    4. Capitol is much more important, but mainly for Capitol's citizens, so don't panic.
    5. City Walls are less potent to allow for early warfare; this has been patched by adding more defensive improvements later.
    6. Production buildings generally have increased Upkeep in order to create more dependence between Production and the economy.
    7. Scientific buildings are generally less effective, to account for bigger cities and an increased number of such buildings.

    1. Unchanged City Improvements.
    These are the Buildings that were generally unchanged.

    GRANARY - unchanged. It does what it did.
    TEMPLE - unchanged. Kaa Naamah Fhtagn Cthulhu!
    MARKETPLACE - unchanged.
    ARENA - unchanged.
    UNIVERSITY - unchanged.
    HOSPITAL - unchanged.
    MILL - unchanged, but has a much higher Upkeep cost.
    FUSION PLANT - unchanged, still as great as always.

    2. Changed City Improvements.
    These Buildings underwent some actual changes in how they work.

    CAPITOL - now has a number of additional features, like Defense bonus and Happiness bonus among other things. Suffers a severe Happiness penalty during Anarchy periods, so watch out.
    CITY WALL - its Defense bonus was halved. It still makes a big difference though, especially in the Classical Age. Doesn't protect from religious conversions anymore.
    COURTHOUSE - less effective, but yields some Gold.
    ACADEMY - much less effective.
    THEATER - it no longer doubles Entertainers' effect in the city, as this effect was just broken, especially in cities of size 30 or more. Now it reduces Overcrowding by 1 (by increasing social integrity) and gives the standard Happiness bonus.
    AQUEDUCT - yields a bit more food than in the vanilla game.
    BANK - now reduces Happiness by 1, in addition to its standard features.
    PUBLISHING HOUSE - less effective.
    CATHEDRAL - now also adds some protection from conversions.
    FACTORY - now has a much higher Upkeep cost, and also decreases Happiness by 1 (Class Struggle!).
    OIL REFINERY - less Production, less Pollution (still a hell of a lot), lots of Gold. Capiche?
    MOVIE PALACE - no longer decreases War Unhappiness; instead it yields some Gold, 66% of which goes to the Civilisation that owns Hollywood.
    AIRPORT - reduced Gold yield and Pollution. Come on, it's just an airport!
    DRUG STORE - no longer the most powerful building in the game. We reduced its Happiness boost from 3 to 2, and made it increase Crime in the city. It's still a good building, if expensive.
    NUCLEAR PLANT - Production bonus halved and -1 Happiness penalty added. Lower building cost.
    RECYCLING PLANT - less effective and more expensive. You'll be building it anyway, we promise.
    TELEVISION - that ridiculous Gold boost was greatly reduced, but in exchange it pacifies masses rather well. No longer affected by Hollywood (the Movie Palace is instead).
    COMPUTER CENTER - renamed to Research Lab, with reduced effectivity. It's still a scientific powerhouse.
    ECO TRANSIT - is much less effective now, and also costs more to maintain. No fair, you say? Nah, it's still useful.
    CLONING CENTER - Science bonus was added to the standard effects. That idiotic description was replaced too.
    BEEF VAT - now gives a straight Food bonus and a straight Pollution increase. The original concept was clever but ultimately pointless; most of the times it was of no use. When it was, it could potentially give unlimited food. Both instances seem wrong.
    SECURITY MONITOR - completely overhauled. Now it slightly increases Production and decreases Crime (but with Courthouse and Prison on stage, it's impractical for any government without rampart Crime). No longer reduces Pollution, as stopping people from loitering doesn't really have as much of an impact on the enviroment as kids' shows seem to indicate. Costly.
    AQUA PURIFIER - its preposterous anti-Overcrowding effect was toned down, but now it also slightly increases Food and decreases Pollution. Experience shows that for some reason, at some stage people are quite desperate to build it.
    RAIL LAUNCHER - now much less Polluting and gives a Gold boost. Its purely military role was uncool.
    ROBOTIC PLANT - greatly increased Upkeep cost and a slight Overcrowding reduction to make it more desirable.
    ARCOLOGIES - it's a monster of an improvement: bigger, better, and much, much more expensive. Doesn't feel like another Hospital or something anymore.
    MIND CONTROLLER - very different. Now it simply gives a Happiness bonus: small for the Good Guys, very big for the Bad Guys. It also increases Crime due to people being permanently ****ed-up. The original concept looked sexy on paper, but as with all absolute things, turned out to be stupid. Absolute ability means absolute exploitation. Real world does not work that way.
    KNOWLEDGE CHIP - name changed to Datalinks. Now is cheaper and less effective, as it logically should be.
    FORCEFIELD - now with less Defense bonus. Still looks cool though.
    NANITE FACTORY - works the same as before, but also gives a Gold bonus.
    BODY EXCHANGE - less effective. Immortal people aren't necessarily happy people, especially if you make them work 12 hours a day.

    3. New City Improvements.
    These Buildings are completely new to the game.

    ANIMAL RANCH - an additional food source, particularly important for cities with food deficit.
    STATUE - an early building to boost Happiness by 1, which comes in handy as cities are now generally bigger. Triple Happiness bonus for Cultists!
    MONASTERY - decreases Overcrowding by 1; most effective for Theocrats (duh).
    INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE - replaces your basic Wiseman specialist with a proper Scientist with double Science yield. Also gives a small Research bonus.
    TOWN HALL - adds some Gold, based on population.
    FORTIFICATIONS - provides additional Defense, just like the City Wall (but doesn't stop Slavers and the like).
    POWER GRID - a sea-and-space-only building which basically emulates or replaces buildings like Mill, Power Plant, or Oil Refinery.
    COMMERCIAL NEXUS - a sea-and-space-only building which basically emulates or replaces buildings like Marketplace, Bank, Arena, etc.
    POWER PLANT - slightly increases Production, Happiness and Pollution. Low upkeep.
    MECHANIZED FARM - more Food at the cost of increased Pollution.
    PRISON - decreases Overcrowding and Crime.
    FOOD SILO - increases Food, decreases Overcrowding. Kind of a modern-day Aqueduct.
    RADIO STATION - gives some Gold, but its main function is to decrease War Unhappiness.
    FINANCIAL CENTER - an uber-expensive building which generates mountains of Gold, but only in really huge cities and especially for capitalist-oriented societies.
    SOLAR PLANT - reduces Pollution, period.
    PERIMETER DEFENSE - another layer of protection, this time robotic one, which increases Defense bonus of the city.
    ANDROID SERVANTS - make people happy-happy.
    HOLOMARKET - gives lotsa Gold. That's it.
    DEODROME - creepy and monumental futuristic temple, dedicated to cybernetic gods. You'll like it.
    CRYO-PRISON - apart from being a shameless reference to a certain movie, decreases Overcrowding and gives some Gold, but not much.
    SPACE TERMINAL - represents uplink to asteroid mining bases. Gives an Orbital City a decent Production boost.
    THERMAL BOREHOLE - a powerful and expensive Production booster for undersea colonies. Also yields heaps of cash.
    ANGEL-NET - grants people every wish (within reasonable boundaries), which makes them fat and happy. It also kills alien nanobots dead.
    SINGULARITY PLANT - the ultimate production building. It scares people a bit, though.
    AI MATRIX - the ultimate science building. With superintelligent AIs inside. Or outside. It's not really a building, you know.


    CITY CLOCK - removed from the game, as the concept didn't seem too consistent with other buildings. It was essentially replaced with the Town Hall, which has a similar effect.
    SDI - Removed from the game entirely. Made no sense, as any impregnable defense would. Was reborn in chibi form as the SDI Laser unit.
    BIO WARFARE FILTERS - killed. Its functions were divided between the Aqua Purifier and the Angel-Net.
    HOUSE OF FREEZING - replaced with the Cryo-Prison which makes much more sense economically.



    1. Every Wonder's Production cost was adjusted (omitted in detailed descriptions below - they were ALL priced differently).

    1. Unchanged Wonders.
    These are the Wonders that were generally unchanged.

    STONEHENGE - unchanged.
    SPHINX - unchanged.
    LABIRYNTH - unchanged.
    RAMAYANA - unchanged.
    CONFUCIUS ACADEMY - still nobody knows what it does, but it does the same thing as before.
    CHICHEN ITZA - unchanged.
    THE FORBIDDEN CITY - is exactly as useless as it was.
    PHILOSOPHER'S STONE - still opens Embassies. You're prone to lose them quickly, but it's useful anyway.
    HAGIA SOPHIA - still the same powerhouse as ever. Bear in mind that computer is now hell-bent on building it.
    GALILEO'S TELESCOPE - same old, same old.
    THE AGENCY - no news.
    GENOME PROJECT - unchanged.
    GLOBE SAT - unchanged. Very useful, but incredibly annoying.
    STAR LADDER - same as before.
    DINOSAUR PARK - unchanged. Still "frightening in the dark".
    WILDERNESS PRESERVATION ACT - name changed to Eden Project. Unchanged effect; still prone to trigger a nuclear war...
    GAIA CONTROLLER - unchanged, but now you'll find it much more difficult to build.
    AI ENTITY - same crazy **** as before.
    EGALITARIAN ACT - unchanged.
    NANITE DEFUSER - unchanged, but got a description that makes some more sense. A note to myself: nuke it before it's too late; if not possible, invade and destroy the whole city.
    ESP CENTER - no changes.
    NANOPAEDIA - unchanged except for text.
    WORMHOLE DETECTOR - unchanged.
    INTELLIGENT LIFE PROJECT - probably unchanged, needs more tests.

    2. Changed Wonders.
    They underwent some actual changes in how they work.

    GUTTENBERG'S BIBLE - yields minor bonuses that weren't changed, but also reforms all your cities. It was called the Reformation after all.
    LONDON EXCHANGE - now only pays for buildings that have Upkeep cost of 16 or less. Still insanely powerful.
    EMANCIPATION ACT - completely changed. It no longer forces anyone to free their Slaves or stop building Slavers, instead it fills your people with the overwhelming feeling of self-righteousness that makes them celebrate for 2 turns. Foreign revolutionaries will join your nation until this Wonder gets obsolete, which happens rather quickly.
    EAST INDIA COMPANY - works as before, but also increases Gold from Caravans in the city by 150%.
    EDISON'S LAB - less effective, but does the same thing.
    HOLLYWOOD - depends on Movie Palaces now, not Television. Steals one Gold from every foreign Movie Palace each turn.
    INTERNET - slightly more effective, as the Civilisation who gets there first usually doesn't need it.
    CONTRACEPTION - name changed to Sexual Revolution (impossible without the Pill, but much more important). Less effective, but it's still nice to have it. If you know what I mean.
    GLOBAL E-BANK - now also gives unlimited Caravans. Still rather underpowered.
    SENSORIUM - absolute elimination of Overcrowding was absolutely stupid, so now it "only" reduces it by a factor of 8. Still completely eliminates unhappiness caused by Pollution.
    IMMUNITY CHIP - reduced Happiness effect, but still protects from the Infect City attacks. Hopefully.

    3. New Wonders.
    These Wonders are completely new to the game.

    COLOSSUS - increases Sea movement by 1 and allows Triremes to brave open seas.
    HAMMURABI CODEX - boosts Production empire-wide.
    GREAT LIBRARY - triples the effectivity of Scientists in the city.
    VIA APPIA - low-Upkeep buildings are now free-Upkeep. Do we need to say more?
    MEROE COURT - doubles the effect of Specialists in all your cities, but is obsoleted rather quickly. Insane combo with the Great Library!
    ASCETIC VIRTUES - decreases Overcrowding empire-wide. Thank you, Chairman Yang!
    MAGELLAN'S JOURNEY - opens Embassies that were destroyed since you've built Philosopher's Stone. Persistent, aren't you?
    LEONARDO'S WORKSHOP - he tinkers with your toys, and increases the Hit Points of all units by 2.
    EIFFEL TOWER - inspires engineering thought and boosts Production empire-wide.
    UNITED NATIONS - gives you great respect among the computer players. Human players will snicker. Even so, it open Embassies in every country. Yes, again.
    SETI PROJECT - adds +10% Research empire-wide. Spoiler: you won't find any aliens.
    KYOTO PROTOCOL - a stop-gap measure that eliminates all Pollution but only for a short period of time.
    MOON LANDING - doubles Gold from Caravans in the city.
    WAR ON TERROR - converts cities and halves army support cost. No comment here.
    STARSCRAPER - boosts Production empire-wide.
    PLANETARY SUPERCOMPUTER - boosts Science empire-wide.
    MASTER'S VOICE - the Hagia Sophia of the Diamond Age. It also makes your cities immune to conversion.
    ALPHA CENTAURI COLONY - a tribute to the Father and Mother of the Genre. More importantly though, adds +10% Research empire-wide.
    COMMAND NEXUS - reduces support cost for units.


    Game Concepts were generally left alone. Below we shall only list those concepts which underwent any changes.

    BARRAGE FIRE - an entirely new concept. Certain artillery units get more "attacks" than the standard 10 rounds, which make them deadlier in Bombarding. It gives no benefit in actual battles.
    CRIME - in general, Crime is much, much more severe; it starts out at Happiness 95, not 85, so prepare for 15-25% Crime rating to be the norm. Since crime-fighting bonuses for buildings stack, they're not very effective individually (usually they cut crime by one-third); still, they are now much more important than they were.
    INACCURATE BOMBARDMENT - another new concept. Bombers of all classes have only half their ranged firepower when used in battle.
    SPECIALISTS - more significant Merchants and Scientists, especially with the proper buildings.
    SPY ACTIONS - generally cheaper, and available to a much greater range of special units.
    TERRAIN - modified bonuses for various terrain types. In short, Plains and Grasslands are not so great without farms, Forests are not as insanely good as they were before, and it's very hard to make Hills or Mountains; on the other hand, Forests are very easily removed if you really want to.
    TERRAIN IMPROVEMENTS - we also played with them a little (okay, a lot). In general, farms and nets are more affordable and mines can't be built on flat terrain.


    Lots of them added. Theocracy->Fascism game-winner no longer works. See Library for details.
    Please don't hesitate to post your thoughts. Also let me know if it works for you in the first place.
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