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If interested in playing PBEM or MP Call To Power

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    Originally posted by EPW View Post
    The issue isn't playing online, its playing online with other people.

    Just press enter to get rid of the chat window.


    Just curious, has anyone tried IP Direct?

    I want to say thats how we played Alpha Centaurai years ago..............

    Just a thought...........

    But to share, since leaving WIN98, I have had limited and very sporadic fortunes in playing CTP online.

    As long as the host had WIN98, all went fine.......

    Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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      Looks like you need that anet patch. If anyone can point out where I can find it, preferably a link, I can put it up.

      Civ2 military advisor: "No complaints, Sir!"


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        We already use the anet patch(2005), it still freezes.


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          I just recently bought Call to Power off for a few bucks as I had always been curious to try it. The CD I had was setup with 1.2 already and I checked this site and installed the 1.21 Hack. Also read a bit about some mods which I downloaded but haven't set any up yet. Anyway my questions are:

          1.) Are people that still try to play sometimes usually using a MOD to attempt to play or do they just play version 1.21 Hack.

          2.) I downloaded the servers dat file and .anet stuff but after reading this thread I am not sure if I should copy over anything with them? Also related to that without changing anything can't I just play Call to Power over Hamachi like you can play Civ2 and virtually any other game?

          EDIT: I also have Apolyton Pack installed and after reading the readme associated with it I am guessing that everyone probably plays using that Mod insteady of the basic game. At least assuming it works in multiplayer.

          Edit #2: Just figured out I had to use the new servers .dt file and .anet stuff thing ( even to get network play to work. It's all working now great though :-)!
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            Hello Jacen! Just wanted to say hello. Glad you got it working!

            This forum is a bit quiet since the Apolyton/WePlayCiv split pulled some dedicated players this way and that -- but maybe it will change... CTP a good game and definitely still my favorite Civ game (yeah yeah it wasn't part of the immortal Sid Meiers official series -- who cares!)



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              As long as Call to Power is dirt cheap on amazon there is always the chance of more people wandering by :-). I have gotten tons of old games to work before so I knew I'd eventually figure this one out :P.

              I haven't played enough yet to rank this one, but it looks like it will be towards the upper levels (my previous and current favorite is still the original Civ 2--largely because of the great scenarios and a long time playing it, wonderful world maps, etc). If your still interested in playing Call to Power consider helping out with the attempt to get it added on XFIRE--that could go a long way to making games easier to get started as we could find the few players playing it at any time they were online playing any game.


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                If anyone is up for starting a PBEM game go ahead and send me a PM


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                  I'm up for playing but I haven't done PBEM before, it might just be easier to get in some hamachi over the course of a number of weeks where we can play some turns consecutively. Are you on xfire?


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                    I'm not on xfire, but I have some really odd hours sometimes so PBEM is significantly easier for me to reliably do.


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                      I'm in U.S. Central time zone and pretty much am busy from 6 Am to 6 Pm during the week with work--weekdays some time depending on tests and such and weekends a bit more time avaiable. I'm not sure exactly how PBEM works but if it's not too much trouble to figure out I guess it's a doable possibility. I haven't looked at that stuff in about a year though, are there a lot of modifications required or is it fairly straightforward?


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                        You don't need any extra mods to do PBEM. You just set it up as a PBEM game and at the end of each turn you email it to the other player. The nice thing is that nothing needs to be scheduled and you can just play as your time allows. And if you are both online at the same time. You can send several turns back and forth in a short time to get things going.


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                          So you just make sure not to hit end turn or does it automatically setup for the next guy's turn when you end it if they have a password setup?


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                            It exits the turn and creates a seperate one on your desktop to send to them


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                              Cool, sounds good. I must warn though I am not very experienced with the game as I bought it off amazon for a few bucks and haven't played a lot in the less than a year I've had it. But I am still up for trying multiplayer and all. I'll pm you my email.

                              Edit: Love how simple it is to do a PBEM and trade turns and all...almost no chance of a mistake happenings---its great!
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                                We're looking for a player for our 4 player game. Each player controls two civs. Any one interested PM me for details.