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  • Freeciv for Android as beta-download

    Freeciv can now be played on Android smart phones. Freeciv is a turn based open source version of the classic game Civilization.

    The polish developer Michal "Zielmicha" Zielinski is working on a Freciv version for Android devices. However, his Freeciv port is not complete yet, but curious strategy fan can already test it.

    The last prerelease version 1.0.2 was relased at the end of October. It contains a first support for diplomacy and a faster scolling over the game map. Additionally, a memory problem was fixed and an autoupdate fuction was added.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	game-play.jpg
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    Freeciv for Android Map View (Image: Michal Zielinski)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	game-cityview.jpg
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    Freeciv for Android City Screen (Image: Michal Zielinski)

    The prerelease version of Freeciv for Android is still published by Zielmicha on his own website and cannot be downloaded from the Android Market. In the Android Market, Michal Zielinski already distributes two free games: Funnyboat and Space Shooter.

    The free turn based strategy game Freeciv is available for the opertaing systems Solaris, Linux, BSD, Unix, AmigaOS, Mac OS X, and Windows. And now also for Android.

    Original from translated into English by Martin Gühmann.
    Civ2 military advisor: "No complaints, Sir!"