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    The price, quality and availability of goods and services are set by the market of supply and demand, according to the ideal economic system model. In practice, the market is influenced by Government, Corporate and civil socity players and their particular relative powersa and agenda.


    The Market in (Australia) or your country for Engineering graduates is another specific example. How has this market altered in recent times, and why? Who are the players influencing this maket, and what are their respective roles. Are there ways that you can influence this market, individually or collectively?

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    Hi uts, welcome to the Clash Forum.

    The governments will be able to tax (or subsidize) individually items like education, or iron. That is the only way we include effects of the sort you're talking about. I think anything more complicated would go beyond the scope of a limited, fun, game model.

    If you'd like to discuss this in more detail, we should talk about it in the Economic Model II thread. We try to keep the model discussions all together so that in the future people can find all the relevant ideas in one location.


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