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an advisor system could be a good idea to limit micromanagement

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  • an advisor system could be a good idea to limit micromanagement

    I think it would be realistic to have some sort of system where the player can hire officials to do the work that they do not wish to do. There should be some way to choose the advisors, each differeng from the others in some ways (for example, some may be power hungry, others may make bad decisions, etc.). Civilizations in real life have become great or fallen because of the officials in the government. In a democratic government, maybe these officials could be chosen by the people through elections?

    Under my proposed system, the player should be able to hire advisors to do different tasks (such as economics, military, etc.) that would be done by the advisor if not done by the player.

    I don't know if this is possible, but if it is I think it could make the game more realistic. Mark and everyone else on the staff, good luck with the game.


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    Advisors are definately in the plan. Take a look at the "IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THE CLASH PROJECT IN GENERAL, READ ME..." post and the links therein.

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