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  • LDiCesare
    There's already provision for military units revolting in the riots model. Units are more likely to revolt in unhappy provinces, (particularly when they are of the same ethnicity as the local population).
    You can get some such revolts when playing the Social test model if you conquer a few lands and set your policies to something unpleasant. Whole taskforces can revolt, for instance you can have a Macedonian army revolt and proclaim itself part of the new Divine Monarchy of Macedonia.

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  • Traian
    started a topic Loyalty


    I just thought of something that might be quite interesting to throw into the mix. What if loyalty levels of generals could change due to things like proximity of the ruler? Roman emperors became plagued with the problem of having large numbers of troops in the rhine - danube frontier in the north, and also large numbers on the bborders of the parthian empire in the east. The closer an emperor was to his soldiers and generals, the more loyal they would be, but the moment he went to one frontier the other was likely to take the opportunity to rebel.

    It would be a great way to increase the difficulty of running a huge empire in ancient or medieval times if loyalty were this fickle and massive chunks of your army could just rebel at any moment unless they were paid constantly and lavishly and their commanders watched carefully etc.

    I see there is an excellent and detailed civilian rebellion and riot model, but does it cover military mutiny, and soliders proclaiming their commander the new ruler of the state?