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    A thought just occurred to me as to why Superpower uses red and blue to denote intensity in their maps (remember the game that sparked the idea). What they are doing is moving the hues of red and blue, lockstep, in an inverse fashion. It's kind of obvious in hindsight.

    For example:
    If blue is 255 then red is 0
    When you move blue 20 points towards 0, then red moves 20 points towards 255.

    This is the reason their 'medium intensity' is purple (I suggested yellow origionally). So, if we set the filter to show on every sqare, blue (R0,G0,B255) would indicate no chance of riots, purple (R127,G0,B127) would indicate 50% chance, and Red (R255,G0,B0) would indicate 100% chance of riots. In this way, red should always be bad and blue good.

    I would really like the intensity map to show up on every square as suggested above. I personally think it would look better than the current way you've done it, where only one square shows up here and there in red. I think it would also be a tad more informative.


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      I understand what you say, in fact what I did was to make an average of the current color and red instead of blue and red. I find it ugly (and a bit hard to remember what square is what, particularly in a landlocked map)when all the map loses its terrain features. I can change the whole hue, but you'll get a mostly blue map with some reds here and there.
      The problem is I'm showing riots that happened, not potential ones. I could try to get that info again, but it's not an information I keep so I'd have to recompute it a bit often, or change the way the data is stored in order to avoid recomputing riot probability every 5 ms.
      If that's only a color problem you have and not a one square here and there (i.e. it's not visible enough for you the way it's done now), please state it that way, for I may have misunderstood you.
      Bump that thread sometime when you think I have forgotten it, since I'm not working on it right now, but I think it's worth showing the probability.
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