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    Hi! I want to show you the game, which is currently in development. It is a turn-based strategy with the focus on the top-level decisions. The player's affairs are diplomacy, budget spreading and attacks planning. Here, I recorded the full gameplay session with my comments:

    You plan your strikes by drawing arrows on the map, and your armies follow these arrows, capturing hexes around. You can defeat the enemy army in the field battle, or outmaneuver them and cut off their supply lines.

    Income from your cities is aggregated into the Empire budget. You decide, which percentage of the budget should be spent on war, and which - on peaceful development. Your armies receive reinforcements automatically depending on the funding.

    Players can declare wars and propose peace. They take into account their estimations of the third countries' threat levels when making diplomacy actions. You can check the diplomacy situation in the world on a special map view.

    The game is available for pre-registration on Steam, AppStore and GooglePlay. Just look for Conquicktory. BTW, how does this name sound to you?