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Colonization 1 - Playing as Indians

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  • Colonization 1 - Playing as Indians

    Hey guys,

    Is there a way to take control of one or all of the Indian nations? In Civ1 you could take control of the Barbarian/Pirate red slot by using a Hex editor or save game editor so I'm wondering about Colonization.

    When activating cheat mode in Colonization the 'set human player' option predictably only allows selecting the 4 European nations so that's no good. I could swear that around 18 or so years ago I saw someone talking in a forum about being able to do it via a hex editor but I can't seem to find anything now as any search seems to bring up conversations on various forums about playing as indians with the Civ 4 Col remake and not the original game.

    I've managed to find an old thread at CivFantics and also a website that appear to be referring to what I saw all those years ago. Someone called 'EdBigHead' was able to hack the game and play as the Sioux. Wish I could find how he did it.

    Guessing it would be glitchy as hell but would be interesting to check out and see how much I can get away with.