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C-evo has NEW Features!! Supports internet multiplayer!

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  • C-evo has NEW Features!! Supports internet multiplayer!

    Good News! Good News!! Good News!! C-evo is the most awesome Civ2 clone in the last 10 years and now people should know that it supports internet multi-player and some really nice tilesets!

    C-evo is a VERY well written and refined Civ2 clone by any standards. It is often said to be even better than Civ2 itself! It is build with a small foot-print and will store on the smallest of thumb drives! It is famous for having amazing game balance and computer opponents who cannot cheat to win, yet they'll raze your civilization time after time!

    Until recently, what has not been revealed is that C-evo can run internet hot-seat games on any WinXP Pro or Windows Server. Anyone can enjoy any combination of human vs human/computer AIs up to 15 different players! C-evo servers allow multiple players to play with or against each other or the various AIs across the world wide web.

    The best news is that clients can be almost any version of MacOS, Unix, or Windows. With few exceptions, M$ has made the needed client and server softwares for every major OS FREE). And C-evo will play FULL-SCREEN and with sound on the client by design!

    Now there's more good news... The latest version of C-evo supports large tilesets, it's a very simple and common mod, but due to the Public Domain licensing of C-evo verses the GPL & GPL2 licensing of most new tilesets, C-evo can't really bundle these tilesets with C-evo without upsetting GPL!! So it is not common to hear about GPL tilesets for C-evo on the forums, but there are many!

    If you like or enjoy Civ games and you would like a very fine Civ2 style race to space, try looking into C-evo again or for the first time. It's not only Sid Meier or Freeciv that can do internet multi-player, nor are the standard tiles the only ones you can play.

    Built as a very strong computer opponent and with amazingly sharp game design, C-evo is like getting for free a very well made Civ blade. Join the forum, the fun, and play.

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    It is often said to be even better than Civ2 itself!
    Don't get obverboard. "Often" would require some backing up for this assertion. Mind you, I like it, but not as much as civ2.
    Important features I remember are: No randomness in combat. Not much randomness in map generation (goodies placement). Unit workshop.
    Clash of Civilization team member
    (a civ-like game whose goal is low micromanagement and good AI)
    web site and forum here on apolyton)


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      New AIs have been added by various users. And ported to FreePascal. Mods are available as well.