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How to involve professionals in development of new game?

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  • How to involve professionals in development of new game?

    Unfortunately, I badly speak English, for what beforehand I ask a pardon.

    But I can't be silent. From the occurrence of Civ I play only in it (sometimes in Call toPower II). And I am tired from ideas - how to make it much more the best.

    Some amateur groups try to solve this problem, but I am sure: we can't solve this problem in such way. It will be a long, unreliable and poor-quality way.

    But it seems to me that you don't speak about the MAIN PROBLEM:


    May be, many of you will agree with me: Sid Meier has gone to impasse. He tries to develop out-of-date principles.

    I think, strategic game of the future MUST take the best ideas from e-civ, Civ, Call to Power, Panzer General, Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron and so on. But it should make the following, essentially new step in development.

    It seems to me, the best way to earn for the game company in strategic game - on-line game. And for this purpose I have quite good (IMHO) idea:

    1. Each player pays for each tour- as in poker. And as in poker he can throw game - if affairs have gone badly.

    2. The part of the saved up bank is paid to the winner, a part - to developers.

    3. There are some levels of participation in game:
    - the Ruler: Pays more than others. He employs (for real money from his payment)
    - ministers,
    - commanders
    - and so on.

    4. Each minister, the commander has his rating. The rating depends on their previous games. The above a rating - the more payment for service.

    5. The governor of the country knows only that in a reality the governor knows. The commander knows only that in a reality the commander can know. The governor distributes orders to subordinates, subordinates carry out orders (for examle, commanders play battles which the server gives out to them in the casual order, informing only that conditions which they would know in a reality).

    6. The winner receives all part of the bank which has stayed after a deduction to developers. But this money can be spent ONLY for payment of the following games.

    If you have understood my English, I suggest to discuss my offers.

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    I don't think pay to play games have much of an audience, unless the game is super awesome. There are too many free games out there to compete with.
    I no longer use this account.


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      Me too.