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    Haven't seen any new fiction on here in a while. This combined with the fact that i've always seen Lal being viewed as good or at least not evil led me to write this. As already implied, this is not gonna be your average Lal fiction...

    Teacher: Children, please be quiet and return to your seats, for all of you I have a treat. A story of how the Commissioner found his way...

    All the children: Yay!


    Long ago, back at Planetfall, the only leader we knew of was Pravin Lal. He helped us survive through those first stormy days, and the UN's light showed us the way.

    And then we met Santiago who said: "I should rule Planet, my Army's the best! We'll protect you from the cursed mindworms and the rest." But the Commissioner said: "Santiago, you only want war, and if that's how you want to play, i'll settle the score..." General Lal won, and adopted her ways, as well as keeping more of the same.

    Then we met Deidre who said: "I should rule Planet, i'm in the right. After all, the planet itself's on my side! We'll teach you the best way to live, but everything to Planet you must give. But the Commissioner said: "Oh Deidre, the mindworms, they're really not fair. Stop sicking them on us, or at least learn to share." And while she contemplated this in the midst of the night, Lal's troops caught her with quite a fright. Eco-Warrior Lal adopted her ways, as well as keeping more of the same.

    Then we met Morgan who said: "I should rule Planet, of this there's no doubt. Only I have the wealth and political clout!" But the Commissioner said: "You treat those who can not purchase as slaves. You WILL let them go, or be psychically maimed." But the CEO would not listen, til he was dragged off in chains, and Prepared Businessman Lal adopted his ways, as well as keeping more of the same.

    Then we met Zakharov who said: "I should rule Planet, our research is key; for fighting, wealth, and immortality. It is me, not you, hypocrite, who shall rule for all time. And...why in Planck's name are we speaking in rhyme?!"But the Commisioner said: "You speak nonsence, Acadmecian, and you must confess: you call me a traitor, when I am guilty of less? Your facilities are only for torturing drones, for the Peace my troops will blow up your nodes!" And Wise Inventor Lal adopted his ways, as well as keeping more of the same.

    Then we met Miriam who said: "I should rule Planet, the Lord is on my side. And you've done things He can not abide! You've committed abominations for your false Peace, repent and you may yet embrace the Lord in his entirety." But the Commisioner said: "Now, are mindworms and nerve gas really so bad, since your people aren't people, since they're stark raving mad. I've done so much for Peace, I will not be denied, even if it's G-d himself that must be defied!" Lal smashed the Believers, and defiled their name. And Prophet Lal adopted her ways and more of the same.

    Finally we met Yang, on the battlefield, who for once his emotions revealed. "Lal, you are crazy, you forget why you fight. But still I will not go into that good gentle night. I do not seek to rule Planet, from the Hive biodome just let my communal utopia alone!" But no longer needing an explanation at all, the Peacekeepers put an end to it all, and conquered the Hive forces right there on that plain. And Leader Lal adopted Yang's ways and more of the same.

    As the 6 traitors looked at their former domains, they begged our Commisioner to end their pain. But in defying his will, they had lost their rights, and now sit in punishment spheres for the rest of their days and their nights. It may seem a bit harsh children, but remember what I say: so long as you are good boys and girls, Supreme Leader Lal will not lock you away.

    OOC: Yeah, like that's gonna stop the nightmares. Good thing those can be suppressed with Mr. Nerve Stapler!

    Btw, as a person who takes everything seriously, I ask that you not come to think that I actually hold any of this. It's Lal's descent into to darkness fueled by a desire for what he thinks is right. That does not make it so.