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Recon Rovers: Dangerous at any speed

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  • Recon Rovers: Dangerous at any speed


    I am reminded with each new edition of this work how much technology changes on Planet. Sometimes entire sets of technology that were revolutionary upon me entering a gene therapy tank are archaic upon emerging. By the time of the distribution of the 32nd edition of this text a working rover only exists in antique collections and parade detachments. Most kids are getting chances to wreck their parents or garrison commanders hovering vehicles and ornithopters. Even natural aged adults barely remember an era before Quantum power and floating, gravship fortresses.

    Still, the recon rover has captivated our imagination over the years. Memorable characters from every holovid era rode the rugged rover. It is also deeply tied into the history of many of the predominate powers on Planet's surface. Once existed the era when a warrior might lose heart at the site of the hordes of rovers approaching.

    But more interesting has always been how much of a common element the rover is among a very diverse cast of players on Planet. Within this collection you will find stories from every facet of Chiron; CEO Nwabudike Morgan all the way to an anonymous Spartan AI. The most exciting new contributor to this volume of 'Recon Rovers: Dangerous at any speed' is Planet itself. Generously, Academician Zakharov has allowed us to use the Voice of the Planet to find out her thoughts on those crazy recon rovers.

    [Spoiler=Please Read This]Since this is a compendium of stories, anyone is free to contribute. Remember these stories have to involve rovers somehow, but can be serious, combat related, funny, or just plan irreverent.[/Spoiler]