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    OOC: Yeah, so a LOT of asterisks. But I feel it's warranted here.

    So it was Mick's birthday, and the bunch of us had gathered at the rec for some partying. Pretty damn late in the evening, and we'd get hell the following morning at the munition plant when we'd all be hungover, but screw that...

    Rec con's basically a big gym. Got your basketball court, punching bags, a ring if you feel like a few bouts and hot and cold baths for afterwards. We mostly used the ring for some skins 'gainst shirts. Not really that good, because we bought a shitload of fungal ale. I was sitting on the pole of the ring, chatting it up with Rela, trying to convince her to play skins if you know what I mean. Then all of a sudden the door goes open and these two step in.

    Soldiers, all fancy in black spidersilk uniform, in step like they always do, the show offs. They go straight for the basketball court and the game stops. Rela says 'ah ****' and I'm thinking the same thing. Figures those snotty bastards would show up just when the party was getting good. I jump of the pole and head towards the court, taking my stuff. Look in the lead *****'s eyes don't make me think she's gonna ask to join. Sure enough, as I come closer, she nods at the blond guy behind her and he steps forward.

    "The sergeant has challenged me to some one on one hoops. So you boys are going to have to leave the court to us." I saw his smug smile from where I was comin' and I already wanted to pound his face in. Of course, him being military I didn't really stood much of a chance but a drone can dream, right?”

    Now Mick, he had drunk quite a bit, so he stepped forward with a swagger."Yeah, well, it's my birthday, and we're celebrating. So piss off... sir.” I laughed. Mick's always getting himself into trouble that way. He's gonna regret that soon, but damn if I don't like the look on the trooper's face.

    Then the sergeant stepped forward, all cool and collected and ****. “It seems like you drones are in need of some discipline.” She said. “However, I don't feel like administering it today, so why don't you just head to your barracks and I'll report you in the morning.” She stares Mick, right in the face like.

    Now this is the point where we usually grumble, stare back a bit and then head off, because, ****, Spartan military. Even a Believer nutcase thinks twice to mess with them. But yeah, fungal ale. Mick's was always a bit of an idiot when he had a few brewskis.

    He smirks back, looking into that snotty *****'s face, with her puppy-dog behind her grinning. I can't really say I didn't have the urge. But Mick's the one that did it.

    “Screw you, *****.” So he moves to punch. ***** grabs his arm before it is halfway and twists and Mick screams and falls. Ralph's always following Mick in whatever he does, so he throws himself forward against her and gets a kick in the nuts. And the *****, she's ****ing smiling. And I lost my ****, and I know I wasn't the only one.

    Dana, Rich and Louis got to her before me. She blocked off Dana's punch with her left hand, dodged Rich's attempt to grapple and grabbed Louis' throat with her right hand. All the while putting her foot on Mick's back so he couldn't get up. Of course, that meant she didn't have hands free for me, and, surprise *****, my fist comes from behind.

    Now I ain't never gotten fancy pants martial arts training. But I do haul crap day after day like all drones. So when a drone punches you in the back of the head, you're gonna ****ing feel it.

    Me: 1 Snotty Soldier *****: 0.

    She goes down, releasing the others, and I jump on top of her. I'm gonna get a shitload of trouble for this, might as well enjoy it. Beat her up harsh enough, maybe she'll not tell anyone. Those military people can have fragile egoes, so who'll admit to getting ass beaten by drones.

    And then I hear the puppy dog behind me. “Away from her, NOW!” and I just know he's got a gun aimed at my back. So far for the fun. I'm gonna get shitloads of trouble for this.

    But Rela freaks, and I hear her yelling and then a fleshy sound. And I look behind me and I see Rela holding Puppy dog's arm, and blood coming down her chest and throat and I know she's dead.

    Did I say I lost my **** before? Nah, THIS is totally losing it.

    I get off the ***** and scream, and I vaguely hear the others scream as well. The soldier pushed Rela away and aimed the gun at me, shooting. Feel a sting in my arm but ignore it. He goes down, dropping the gun. I see his hands go for some defence. Looking back it's likely he'd have schooled me, except some others grabbed his wrists and pinned it down.

    Yeah, where are your fancy skills now, puppy-dog?

    I beat him to death. I punched him in the face again and again until it was a bloody smear.

    Then I cooled down a bit. Just a bit mind you. I looked around and see the others getting up. The ***** was dead too. Someone had taken a bottle, shattered it and slit her throat. And everyone's looking satisfied but kinda scared too.

    I felt the fear coming up as well. But another part of me was happy, really damn happy, and wanted to do this again.

    “Oh ****.” David said. “What the **** are we gonna do now?”

    I grab puppy dog's gun. It's a serious ofence for a drone to hold weapons, but that's not important anymore. “As I see it, we're all dead man anyway once they catch us.” Man, I sounded badass. “Might as well trun it into a GOOD party.” I saw my grin getting to the others. “Quick, before they put a lockdown on our ass. Wake the other drones up.” I licked my lips. “It's time for a RIOT!”
    Fire and ice and death awaiting. But he was steel, he was steel.