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    No need to worry. I'm going to very rarely mention the Earth-based Gaian Church, which is called the World Orthodox Church of Gaia, or WorOrthChuGa by its detractors. That weird abbreviation is stolen from the David Brin book, where it's called NorAmChuGa.

    Googled it, and found it here:


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      Does anyone read these anymore?

      Anyhow, here's two more profiles.

      Gennaro Almeida
      Chief Archivist

      Service Record:
      Born 2009, Recife Brazil. Moved to Rio de Janeiro at age seven; father was a social worker at the hillside favelas and World Trade Organization representative for Brazil, mother worked for network security of the Brazilian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information. Studied library sciences and psychological analysis of history at Federal University of Pernambuco. Worked as information manager for the government; first claim to fame in 2034 for implementing new datalink technology to successfully record and back-up all of the National Library’s four million volumes. Involved with the Legacy Project in 2038 to store and save all of the sum total of Latin American cultural, historical, and technological knowledge, pioneered use of the yottabyte datacube.

      Served as staff member on the compilation of the database of the ship Tiradentes during the country’s “Novo Brasil” period. Became prominent member of Brazilian Space Corps aboard the Museu da Vida, the “Museum of Life”, a national spacecraft that would contain vast databanks of all of humanity’s information. In 2040, at the zenith of the nation’s participation in the Space Age, abruptly left the Corps to teach reading and writing to children of the Amazonian Indians. Abducted in the 2042 Amazonian War by the eco-terrorist/indigenous tribalist group Smoke Jaguars for five weeks, rescued after the end of what has been described as “the worst jungle war of the 21st century.”

      Remained a private citizen except for a brief stint as Unity datacore consultant until the Alpha2 Enterprise was begun. Worked on the Sovereignty cubematrix, later appointed chief archivist of the shipwide library and accepted position.

      Psych Profile: Unifier Preservationist
      Possesses comprehensive knowledge on the cataloguing of knowledge in electronic libraries, as well as a deeply in-grained desire to create united efforts in approaching problems. Conscientious, believes in dire necessity to protect knowledge. Beliefs of the immediate need to establish peace and reconciliation caused by weariness of political turmoil witnessed since young. Intellectualism and erudite speech may project false airs of mental superiority. Considered by some to be too pessimistic, too alarmist, nicknamed the "Malthus Librarian of Sociopolitics."

      The Smoke Jaguar Affair caused an immense effect on subject. Personal beliefs regarding peaceful resolution held prior to kidnapping amplified by first-hand experience of Hobbesian chaos and disorder. Uprooting and destruction of millennia-old cultures caused subject to believe in the urgent need to protect humanity’s works and thoughts.

      Slightly pacifistic tendencies seem to stem from guilt from the Palmares scandal. Presumed to be the whistleblower who leaked the BSC’s plans to militarize space. Subsequent denouncements exacted heavy social toll.

      The Executive Board
      Various Companies, Various Countries
      Founding Date Unknown

      Service Record:
      Though the actual leadership of the Global Energy Exchange is often unknown, historians have suggested that the original Executive Board was founded by an offshoot of the Julius Society, an anti-laissez faire, anti-deregulatory international think-tank. Founded with a goal to “prevent economic royalism and currency destabilization”, several of the society’s members apparently were passengers on the UNS Unity and the FCS Soverignty.

      Psych Profile: Unknown
      No actual information. Popular sentiment considers the board members to be austere in their goals and ruthless in business practices.

      Edit: Changed Emerald Jaguars to "Smoke Jaguars", which were an actual Mechwarrior clan.
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        Still waiting.


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          founded by an offshoot of the Julius Society, an anti-laissez faire, anti-deregulatory international think-tank.
          ... that reminds me of the "Nautilus Club" from D20 modern...
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            Each of the SMAC factions generally represents a distinct ideology, and therefore nicely provides a ‘face’ and personality for that competing point of view. Is that where you’re going with this?

            Will these characters be a re-skinned version of the SMAC faction leaders?



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              Originally posted by DarkCloud
              ... that reminds me of the "Nautilus Club" from D20 modern...
              Actually, I was going for an opposite version of the real-world libertarian Cato Institute.

              Originally posted by Hydro
              Each of the SMAC factions generally represents a distinct ideology, and therefore nicely provides a ‘face’ and personality for that competing point of view. Is that where you’re going with this?

              Will these characters be a re-skinned version of the SMAC faction leaders?

              Yeah, that's what I was going for. But what does re-skinned mean?
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                It means that it is basically the same inside, but just looks different on the outside. For instance, an ardent militarist that behaves like Santiago but is named 'Fred'.



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                  No way, then. I'm trying to write 14 faction leader profiles for 14 new leaders that I created, not re-imaginings of the original 14 from Firaxis. I'm just following the Firaxis profile format, though.


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                    Will anyone read this, I wonder?

                    Sovereign Magistrates
                    “Many times as I knelt in the trenches- huddling from fear, sobbing from loss, I wondered why we fought- did not both the United Nations and the International Federation of Countries want peace and unity? Still, as one by one my comrades died, as city by city fell, the purpose of our dark mission became clearer- peace through war, unity through separation, freedom through control.”
                    - Secretary General Rafael Cruz, Hell: The UN-FC War
                    Symbol/Insignia: A dove flying upwards holding a lightning bolt in its talons, with a big star in the background.
                    Leader: Commandant Alexander Borokhov
                    Background: Deputy to the Secretary General of the Federated Countries
                    Agenda: A democratic and allied confederation of factions devoted to the destruction of oppressors and warmongers.
                    Technology: Doctrine: Loyalty
                    +1 Support (Willing to sacrifice for peace)
                    +1 Efficiency (Cutthroat political maneuvering)
                    -2 Economy (Confederate machinations impede development)
                    -1 Growth (Anti-overpopulation measures favored)
                    Free Command Center at each base.
                    Free Prototypes
                    Gets an extra comm frequency at beginning (Masters of communications)
                    Aggression: Aggressive
                    Priorities: Conquer
                    Agenda: Power
                    Aversion: None

                    Alexander Borokhov
                    Executive Officer
                    Second-in-Command (Sovereignty)

                    Service Record:

                    Born 2015, Odessa, Ukraine. Child of liberal-democratic activists, grew up with acute awareness of the change undergoing in his nation. Followed in parents' footsteps since a young age, began local chapter of the Pora! student movement in primary school, continued political activities throughout academic career, achieved early recognition for organizing mass youth rallies in favor of reform. Studied International Law at Lviv University, postgraduate work interrupted by outbreak of the Slavic Resurgence. Lobbied heavily for Ukrainian entrance into Euro Union, identified by the government as a 'questionable personality' and drafted into the Ground Forces after apprehension at one of the pro-democratic Orange Rallies by MVS agents.

                    Subsquently fought in the Crimean Campaign, one of the worst theaters of the conflict, in an unit that saw eighty percent fatalities. Returned after the Great Rodina expansionist movement fell with the first Russian economic crash in 2041. Attempted to return to politics, became disillusioned by the failure of the Pancolor Revolution within his country, and the apparent apathy of the international establishment without. Traveled to the Americas, eventually settling in Buenos Aires in 2044. As a combat veteran, became an ardent follower of Rafael Cruz, bringing his personal eloquence and administrative abilities to the secessionist campaign. Eventually became a military commander and Cruz's personal envoy during the Federative War, seeing combat in Central America and Indonesia. Served in the 2066 peace talks, ended up as International Federation of Countries attaché to the Alpha2 Enterprise, then as Cruz's direct subordinate aboard the Sovereignty.

                    Psych Profile: Autonomist Legalist

                    Subject exhibits strongly paradoxical beliefs reflected by political activities. Former idealism of a worldwide community ordered around democratic principles and human rights- the same goals of the United Nations- are no longer possessed by subject, though remnants exist as artifacts of a youthful past. Disillusionment in the abilities of human beings to coexist through constitutional civil society led to an ideological mix of both authoritarian and classical liberal ideals- subject is a champion of a strict international system designed to maintain peace, yet allowing member nations to freely remain unintegrated from the central power. As a one-time pupil of Rafael Cruz, subject believes in supranational interventionist actions to prevent tyranny and infringement against human rights, but also in allowing "responsible nations" to maintain high levels of sovereignty apart for the world order. Possesses fervently skeptical, even paranoid views against the U.N. Disrespects mission regulations and protocol.

                    The truce with the Federated Countries remains tenuous at best. Loss of contact with the UNS Unity speculated to be result of sabotage, internal balkanization. Initiatives must remain in place to prevent any such betrayal of the Alpha2 mission by FC partisans. Subject's natural leadership and personal beliefs mark him as highly suspect. Contingency measures regard him as liability only second in priority to Secretary-General Cruz.

                    Elders of Chiron
                    “See how quickly the young run, and soon forget us. Watch them build their crumbling playground empires, and scream and holler at each other and cry as they realize that they have no wisdom, no guidance, no comprehension. We once shamefully put our grandparents into nursing homes, and now fate comes to return the favor. Well, let us live independent forever or die trying!”
                    - Elder Avril Walker, Y Now, Y Forever
                    “Back in my day, we were so more 1337…”
                    Symbol/Insignia: An hour glass with the bottom completely full, yet the top 3/4ths full, too. In front of it are three helixes.
                    Leader: Elderess Avril Walker
                    Background: Chairwoman of UN Senior Rights Committee
                    Agenda: Community of age-enhanced seniors, free from youngsters. A gerontocracy.
                    Technology: Biogenetics
                    -2 Growth (It’s a colony of old people, for cryin’ out loud!)
                    +1 Probe (The cyberpunk generation: the children of Counterstrike)
                    +1 Morale (You haven’t got much more to see after you hit 200… might as well fight)
                    Receives double votes in elections for Planetary Governor and Supreme Leader (Senior Citizens’ voting clout)
                    Aggression: Pacifist
                    Priorities: Discover
                    Agenda: None(?)
                    Aversion: None(?)

                    Avril Walker
                    Video Mechanics Chief (Sovereignty)

                    Service Record:

                    Born 1977, Vancouver, Canada to an upper middle class family. Graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Masters in Media Studies and Communications. After a failed early acting career, she entered the corporate world via her parents' company, True View Limited. Gradually became a project manager during the second Netboom in 2005 on the multi-platform Watch 2.0 widget, gaining renown as an able manager and for her exploitation of the rise of selfcentric media. Her involvement in refining the popular application and the youthful, colorful personality she projected to the press made her the public face of the company. Though dismissed by skeptics as an opportunist with limited managerial and technical experience, she moved on to spearheading several associated memeapps, including the Now! Network, the Primeape Zone, and investment in panopticon technology, culminating in the centerpiece of her family's future, TrueVu Googles. Released in 2014 as the first widespread mainstream panoptics, T-V revolutionized digital culture and brought about the fourth Netboom, and earned a VP position within the company and the Gates/Fiorina Award. However, due to the rapidly increasing use of the portable recorders for government and counter-government surveillance, she was called upon by Parliament to testify in 2028 following the Farnham Incident. Within days, True View Ltd. was bombarded by multiple lawsuits and accused of "selling the public volatile and privacy-invading devices." Though she, and TVL, were eventually exonerated by the Supreme Court, the matter was not settled until the U.N. Declaration of Multilateral Secrecy in 2033.

                    By then she had long since resigned as Vice President of her company in favor of her brother, though not before introducing several successful incarnations of TrueVu Googles, including the Neutronium Edition, which almost singlehandedly brought the Helix OS to prominence in the public eye. After a brief stint as an independent consultant and as a producer for her Now! Network, she surprised many by moving from the private sector to international governance. Scorned by detractors as an attention-seeking dabbler or as a corporate cat's paw, she nontheless began a diplomatic career at the United Nations, representing various NGOs related to global communications and serving as an architect of the 2033 Declaration. Began philanthropic work with the Rockingham Foundation, providing aid to infrastructure in the developing world. Became involved in reconstruction of Los Angeles after the Year of Panic; later dismissed for nepotism in securing contracts for Global Manticore. Received experimental Edenic treatments in 2043, including extensive telomerase modifications. Entered space as one of the first guests at the Virgin Orbital Hilton in 2047 at the height of the Gaza Crisis. Heavily criticized for her excesses, as well as the generation she came from. After the passage of the Augmented Seniors Tax in 2056, she became a champion for the rights of aged persons in Canada and at the U.N. Ultimately appointed head of Video Mechanics of the Sovereignty for the Alpha2 Enterprise after serving as chairwoman of the United Nations Senior Rights Committee for only one term.

                    Psych Profile: Invasive Watcher

                    Innovative and tenacious personality. Subject's corporate career and personal life indicate preference for a variety of projects and initiatives, without any long-time commitment to any single one. Though not ruthless, personality and generational origin indicate a capricious attitude towards others except those considered to be in her personal network. Exhibits both voyeuristic and exhibitionist tendencies characteristic of "Generation Me and Mine." Despite this, subject possesses high emotional intelligence and the ability to effectively utilize electronic media to command others. Persistent presence in business for over fifty years indicates a high level of adaptation, abilities to survive and thrive, and usable experience. Expert knowledge of surveillance technologies will be invaluable to preventing sabotage. Main concern is subject's misplaced loyalty towards her fellow co-ages; may favor older members of the mission at the expense of those she deems "too young."

                    I will probably change the faction stats at some point, not to mention the year dates. Not that anyone cares.
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                      Wow, was not expecting an update this late in the game.
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                        Seneca ar-Ra'i
                        Civilian Contractor
                        Municipal Designer (Peacekeeping Forces)
                        United Arab Emirates

                        Service Record:

                        Sugiarto Pangon, born 2010, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Son of Javanese expatriates, both parents service employees at the Diamond Shark Hotel located on the 131st floor of the Burj Khalifa. Worked at the Falconcity of Wonders attraction at Dubailand in teenage years. During the civil disorder following the Fourth Gulf Credit Crunch, rapidly organized relief efforts along with other park employees, preventing both casualties and property loss. Among those protected from the riots was a wealthy Hedjazi architect, Khadijah bint Ali, who was impressed by the young Sugiarto. He accepted her offer of sponsorship for higher schooling, against the objections of his parents.

                        Attended the Social Engineering division at KAUST, while being trained in arts and architecture by bint Ali, and pursuing his own interest in the Greco-Roman classics. Throughout his education, Sugiarto was approached by campus groups inspired by his story during the Dubailand riots, requesting his leadership and participation in various causes. Following the completion of his schooling, bint Ali likewise attempted to convince him to join her crusade. Though the details of what she asked of him are unknown to the public, Khadijah bint Ali was later arrested and executed during the failed Saudi component of the July 8 Liberationist Uprising. He likewise rebuffed the continued pleas from his former classmates, several of whom were similarly killed in the 2034 protests against the treatment of guest workers in the UAE, Bahrain, Dhahran, and the rest of the Gulf States.

                        Sugiarto instead moved to Riyadh and began his own architectural firm, Almeisan Inc. Notably, he designed not merely buildings, but housing communities, industrial towns, and eventually charter cities for clients such as Honeywell-Messerschmidt, Morgan Industries and GoApthorp. Gaining widespread regional success, he returned to Dubai, purchasing land and hiring exclusively from foreign workers (including his parents) to build a planned community. Almeisan City was a failure, and he never reconciled with his parents. Despite his inability to build his hypothetical 'test society', his talents were noticed by the Unity Project, and his company became one of the contractual corporations involved. Less due to his wealth and more to his political sway, he was selected as one of the crew, with no formal rank but ostensible chosen simply for his creative abilities and knowledge of social psychology.

                        Following Planetfall, changed his name and aligned himself with the Peacekeeping Forces, the loyalists to the original Unity mission. Became the chief municipal architect at U.N. Haven City, notorious for clashing with his superiors in favor of his own visions. Reprimanded several times for putting sociological concerns over material issues, as well as utilizing his own unique social model over accepted ones. After the disruption caused by a drone revolt at Haven, he disappeared with a group of likeminded companions and set out to build a new faction.

                        Psych Profile from Contractor Database: Neoclassical Visionary

                        Highly perceptive about human nature, with avant-garde artistic skills on the bleeding edge. Believes that an equitable, flourishing society can be designed that the masses can accept and embrace. Seeks to construct social situations that can be turned to his favor by appealing to base desires ("with a well-built culture, we can make virtue out of vice"). Admires historical figures, combining and refining their ideologies to create his own ("once again, it takes a Saracen armed with Greek learning to lift humanity out of the dark ages"). Despite his affinity for his Roman namesake, he is known to have promoted a less-than-stoic lifestyle in others, stating "hedonism is simply the reward of a fulfilled society" and that "even the just must have some fun beyond justice." Devoted to his vision, with an exceptional work ethic derived from working class upbringing ("just a former pauper of a tour guide turned philosopher-king"). Self-assured in his vision of creating a better society in a perfect city, and his role within it- "Chiron is a flock awaiting a shepherd."

                        So there you have it, Seneca ar-Ra'i: part Morgan, part Lord Alexander Chung-Sik Finkle-McGraw from The Diamond Age, and part Ozymandias from the Watchmen (if he had idolized different classical figures from antiquity). Khadijah is meant to be sort of like revolutionary Dagny Taggart. The funniest thing is that originally the New Athenians was supposed to be led by a Greek hedonist. Then I changed them to quasi-Victorian types who were obsessed with art, pomp, and circumstance yet had a reformist streak to them- this was years before I've read The Diamond Age, actually! Then recently, when I revisited this project, I came full-circle and had Seneca take inspiration from one of the dumbest utopias conceived by man. As such, there's a Platonic influence to it- and I just realized the other day that the quotation attached to Ethical Calculus is from The Republic! Subconscious inspirations, I guess. Though his conception of a perfect city is really closer to Pericles than Plato, not to mention his personality. Not bad for a faction which I had originally conceived as no more than people who really liked urban design, led by a guy who would be smugger and more smart-mouthed than Nwabudike.

                        Incidentally, all of my current factions were initially planned circa 2003-5. I've only gotten around to continuing work on them again. Good thing this is basically just fanfiction and lore. If it was an actual mod it would be the worst delayed thing ever.

                        For reference, here is the revamped blurb for Seneca's faction.

                        New Athenians
                        “Come, you bourgeois, you neo-aristocrats, you patrons of ‘High Art!’ As we build a new Planet for human beings, why can’t it be a glittering, democratic, fashionable one? Why can’t it be one for the wealthy and the good?”
                        - Patrician Seneca ar-Ra'i, The First Metropolis

                        “Psion Centropolis? Morgan Vegas? Pretenders to our throne!”

                        Symbol/Insignia: A Greek-type Parthenon on top of a thick pedestal. Slightly visible inside the building is a figure holding up its arms, celebrating a light that comes from within. Underneath the pedestal is “NEO”, in highly-stylized lettering. The letters look like Aurabesh from Star Wars, since they are a bit jagged and do not connect.

                        Leader: Patrician Seneca ar-Ra'i
                        Background: Chief municipal architect of Peacekeepers, from the Euro Union.
                        Agenda: Creation of perfect cities of art, social justice, and wealth.
                        Technology: Ethical Calculus
                        +1 Growth (fecund, prosperous citizens)
                        +1 Industry (the rich fund city projects)
                        -2 Support (Ditto)
                        -2 Research (Foppery and dandying more important)
                        -1 Efficiency (cities tend to favor quality over quantity)
                        Extra talent for every two citizens. (Cultural centers)
                        Free Rec Commons at each base.


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                          Any more? I like where this is going.


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                            Back to the original set. Here's another leader who arrived aboard the second ship.

                            Pierre Mputu Kasala
                            Legatus a latere
                            Papal Representative

                            Service Record:

                            Born 2027, Lubumbashi, Zairean Republic of Katanga, Congo Union. Third and youngest child in family involved in rare earth minerals extraction. Parents lost in mining accident at early age, raised under care of grandparents. Under grandfather’s direction, entered minor seminary and pursued priesthood despite societal receding of the church in post-unification Congo. Studied philosophy and theology at Grand Séminaire de Lubumbashi, specializing in Advanced Theodicy and Comparative Natural Law, respectively. Finished two years early, successfully defending dissertation before entire faculty with facts and logic. “Reconcilable Virtue Systems Across Christianity, Reformed Gaianism, and Luba Indigenous Faith (Full Defense)” became viral on FishersNet for months as an exemplar in innovative theology.

                            While sought by the Mendelians, entered the Dominican Order upon ordination. Served as parish priest of the Church of St. Blaise Pascal until called into holy service abroad in the War of Nigerian Dissolution. Worked alongside U.N.-ECOWAS relief agencies to deliver humanitarian aid. Took command of mission in 2054 after major superior was kidnapped and slain by violent sunnahists affiliated with Dar al-Harb. Focused friars’ presence on direct care for the vulnerable, even during the heaviest of fighting, to reinforce the palliative role of the church. Undertook risky inoculation campaign in dangerous Lake Chad region during 2057 ebola-3 outbreak, containing it; awarded the Order of Muyembe in recognition.

                            Good works accomplished via sophisticated social networks personally cultivated in the field, spanning races and religions. Leveraged same network when friars remained in-country post-Morganstar Accords to proselytize. Left safety of the codified states for the tripartite disputed zones where other evangelists feared to tread. Became popular figure in Muslim territory after expanding water access by surreptitiously funneling Catholic charity aid money into public projects; gained begrudging respect from Black Axe lords by negotiating Plainview-Shell’s departure from western Niger Delta. Stoked controversy in Christian areas by denouncing provisional government’s treatment of local animists. Ultimately served as architect of multiple post-conflict agreements, reaffirming the church's role as peacemaker.

                            Preaching further attacked by unlikely sources. North American Protestant missionaries openly repudiated Catholic mission’s presence as “One-Worlder idolaters”. True to their order’s founder, friars responded in kind with fierce denouncements. Ensuing series of public debates between Dominican Order and Evangelical Fire missions later dubbed Kano Disputations. Drew in large crowds of curious local onlookers and religious scholars alike, netting untold online vidwatchers. Maverick preaching style elicited accusations of doctrinal laxity, bordering on heresy, from Archbishop Eglantine.

                            Called before the Roman Curia in 2062. Subjected to inquiry by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on accusations of incorporating native and even neo-pagan rituals into the orthodox Zaire Rite. Claims proved unfounded. Vindicated by witness testimony and fervent self-defense. However, reassigned from the post-Nigerian states and appointed bishop of the Diocese of Goma and the titular bishop of Phobos. Attained PhD in Applied Bioethics from Virunga Institute. Maintained prominent netlink presence throughout the Federative War, remotely ministering to the afflicted in Africa, the Euro Union, Latin America, the Middle East, and beyond.

                            Summoned to Rome following armistice. Despite rumors of fast-tracking to a cardinalship, instead appointed papal legate to Chiron colonies in surprising move by Thomas I shortly after the equally controversial canonization of Ramon Llull. Grilled extensively by both U.N. and F.C. Alpha2 Committee members alike, facing public distrust of the inclusion of high-ranking non-secular clerics, favoritism of religions represented. Approved after unexpected yes votes from the delegates of the Christian States of America, Hedjaz, Somalia, and Yorubaland. Laudatory speech by pastoral delegate, previously a Kano Disputation opponent, proved decisive. Joined papal diplomatic mission headed by Cardinal Calungsod aboard FCS Sovereignty.

                            Psych Profile: Revivalist Pluralist

                            Masterful rhetorician with deep communication skills applicable to multitudes of social contexts. Ability to distill complex moral philosophical concepts into mass audiences with parables and personal emotional connections. Willingness to adopt the mindset of others enables subject to appeal directly in convincing manner. Conveys open-minded and deeply sympathetic personality. Possesses encyclopedic knowledge of different religions and cultures. When presented with an implacable opponent, will engage thoroughly in argumentative debate as characteristic of order.

                            Public statements and personal history reveals subject driven by desire to broaden the reach of his faith. Theological analysis by U.N. Memetics Studies Agency suggests that subject remains faithful to established doctrine even while presenting an accommodating nature towards other faiths. Vaticanologists conclude that subject is of the "post-traditionalist" position, friendly towards cooperation with other religions and open to some degree of ecumenism, while ultimately maintaining Catholic preeminence; faction opposed by both Madrid Catholic archconservatives and Spiritine universalists alike. Record suggests subject is willing to bend ecclesiastical and even moral technicalities in service of his beliefs.

                            Subject's loyalty is unambiguously to mother faith. Childhood suggests classic "parented by church" scenario. Individual does not make any pretense of being part of Sovereignty crew, freely breaks joint U.N.-F.C. chain of command to minister to crew members indiscriminately. Vatican appointees maintain legal fiction of maintaining diplomatic mission to U.N. colony, despite proscriptions on open evangelism. Highly possible true motivation is to carry out rumored clandestine protocol quo peregrinatur grex.

                            Parish of Planet
                            “The Church of Rome has lasted two millennia. It has withstood schism, heresy, invasion, pestilence, war, and scandal, and still remains a religious force to be reckoned with on Earth. Though we must admit that unfortunate mistakes have occurred, the Catholic Church of the 22nd century will be remembered as the peaceful light on Chiron.”
                            - Bishop Pierre Mputu Kasala, With the Grace of God

                            “And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.”
                            - Matthew 16:18

                            Symbol/Insignia: The Latin cross in Europa Universalis (except the main part of the cross is exaggerated), with rosary beads in the shape of a fish behind it.
                            Leader: Bishop Pierre Mputu Kasala
                            Background: Congo Union, Vatican papal legate
                            Agenda: Restoration of a compassionate Catholic Church on Planet
                            Technology: None
                            +2 Growth (Be fruitful and multiply)
                            -1 Support (All of the Crusaders have gone with Godwinson!)
                            +1 Police (But the Swiss Guard remains)
                            One bonus tech at beginning of game (Extensive records from Vatican Memorabilia)