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Spartan Chronicles: Cast of Characters - Book 1

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  • Spartan Chronicles: Cast of Characters - Book 1

    Below is a compilation of the characters in Book 1 of the Spartan Chronicles. This summary is intended as a resource for SC readers.

    Note: this summary is complete through post 26 (!) and will be updated. Authors, please inform me or correct any errors.


    Spartan Federation - General
    Coronal Corazon Santiago: faction leader, former Security Chief under Sheng-Ji Yang aboard the colony ship Unity
    Major Hargreaves: Duty Officer, Ft. Superiority
    Major Wesly Holbrook: special project coordinator (?)
    Coronel Salvador 'The Gecko' St James (ret.), CO of 1st Wing until the Allardyce rescue fiasco. After that, ambassador in spe to Morgan., Lander

    Spartan Federation - Expeditionary Forces
    Kardon: petty officer
    Captain Haradim Mizuno: commanding officer of the western detachment of the Spartan XForces
    Captain 'Paco' Elyias: commanding officer of the eastern detachment of the Spartan XForces
    Sargent Rufus: attached to eastern detachment of the XForces
    Captain Shatel Patel: commander of the naval detachment of the Spartan XForces foil
    First Mate Hidalgo: junior officer with the naval detachment of the Spartan Expeditionary Force foil
    Executive Officer Eddy Ramirez: XO of the naval detachment of the Spartan Expeditionary foil
    Captain 'Gung Ho' Wells: commanding officer with the southern detachment of he Spartan Expeditionary Forces. The Hive attack sparked the first Hive-Spartan war.
    Ensign Johnson: member of the southern detachment of the Spartan Expeditionary Force

    Spartan Federation - Air Force
    Commander Scott 'Googlie' Allardyce: Spartan Air Force Commander
    Ben 'Slats' Miller: Squadren Leader, and ranking interceptor commander, pilot of Indigo 1
    'Sunny' Osaka, Penetrator Ops Offier
    Wilma Statham: copilot on Indigo 1
    Captain Jill Hughes: pilot of Indigo 2
    Sandra keen: Indigo 2 Ops Officer
    Rudi Gertz: pilot of Indigo 3 interceptor
    Luigi Cerintola: Indigo 3 Ops Officer
    Pedro Martinez: pilot of Indigo 4 interceptor
    Paul Sturgeon: Indogo 4 Ops Officer
    Julia Santiago: needlejet penetetrator pilot of Thrasher 5, niece of Corazon Santiago
    Watt: copilot for Thrasher 5
    'Joker': mechanic for Thrasher 5
    Dexter Patterson: pilot of interceptor Indigo 6
    Tricia van Impe: Indigo 6 Ops Officer
    Lisa 'Flasher' Mayberry: commanding officer of interceptor Thrasher 7
    Octavio Rodriquez: Ops officer for interceptor Thrasher 7
    Lieutenant Alex 'Dusty' Rhodes: pilot and crew commander of Pinwheel 4 in the Spartan 4th Wing
    Katy Springer: munitions officer for penetrator needlejet Pinwheel 4 in the Spartan 4th Wing
    Pete Morris: Ops Officer for Pinwheel 4 in the Spartan 4th Wing
    Dusty: penetrator pilot
    Pat 'Bearcat' Brewster: penetrator pilot, Pinwheel __, acting SAC Chief of Staff
    Bert Evans: penetrator pilot, Pinwheel __
    'Sparky' Thompson: mechanic for interceptor Indigo ___ in the Spartan 4th Wing
    Captain Ranjit Singh: penetrator pilot, Pinwheel __
    Bernard Gautheir, MO for Pinwheel __

    Spartan Federation - Psi Corps
    Lieutenant Ann Rynn: commanding officer of Spartan Psi Corps, formerly of the 47th Infantry
    Miles Cavenagh: young empath from Assassin's Redoubt
    Garth: Empath Squad trainee
    Sarah Dawson: Empath Squad trainee
    Todd: Empath Squad trainee
    Voki: Empath Squad Trainer
    Dr. Juan Bonaventura: Empath Squad Scientist

    Spartan Federation - 47th Infantry
    Field Marshal Gavin Burge: commander of 47th Infantry. Lander, and member of Spartan Junta
    Elizabeth Thompson: aid to Gavin Burge
    Ian Allardyce: new recruit to the 47th Infantry, and son of Wing Commander Scott 'Googlie' Allardyce
    Captain Arlin Hobbes: commander of Light Artillery Support Company (SAM)
    Captian Shane Michaels: commander of Phalanz I, plasma impact infantry
    Captian Margaret Spires: commander of Phalanz II, plasma impact infantry
    Captain David 'Sparks' Wheeler: commander of Dragon Company, plasma chaos infantry
    Captain Lawrance Durbarow: commander of Crusher I, snythmetal chaos infantry
    Captain Lester neely: commander of Crusher II, synthmetal chaos infantry
    Captain Katherine Banks: commander of field hospital command, recon rover
    Captain Huey Brinkman: commander of Engineering Four, 4 land and 2 sea formers

    Spartan Federation - 469th Airborne
    Brevet General Lockhart: commander of the newly-formed 469th Airborne, which consists of the Discipline, Sacrifice, and Victory Divisions
    Coronal Johnathan 'Tom' Thomilson: 469th XO
    Erik 'Da Lizard' DeLyle: 469th platoon leader
    Gunnery Sergeant Wells
    Private First Class Overson
    Sargent Max Goldstein
    Lt. Coronal Thomas 'Squelch' Reich: commander of Discipline Battalion
    Captain Chris 'Deuce' Duesing: commander of Discipline Battalion's Alpha Company
    Captain Ivan 'the terrible' Lincowski: commander of Disciple Battalion's Delta Company
    Captian Gerald 'J.R.' Molina: commander of Discipline Battalion's Lambda Company
    Lt. Coronal Eiton 'tweak' Farley: commander of Sacrifice Battalion
    Captain Nathan Gatesly: commander of Sacrifice Battalion's Caffeine Company
    Captain Yancy 'Oz' Alsobrook: commander of Sacrifice Battalion's Ozone Company
    Captain Terance 'Grover' Grove: commander of Sacrifice Battalion's Raptor Company
    Lt. Coronal Richard 'Rico' Gomez: commander of Victory Battalion
    Captian Tobey McClusky: commander of Victory Battalion's Tau Company
    Captain Clintworth 'Eastwood' Forbes: commander of Victory Battalion's Seta Company
    Capthan Muhammad 'Dingo' Javid: commander of Victory Battalion's Omega Company

    Spartan Federation - 2nd Infantry
    General Tucker: commander
    Major Willis: aid to General Tucker
    Captain Jake Lomaz: Alpha Company commander
    Sargent Rucker: Alpha Company
    Corporal Moss: Alpha Company

    Spartan Federation - North Fleet
    Admiral Patricia McMillan; Admiral(ret.): CO of North Fleet

    Spartan Federation - 1st Wing
    Coronel Eugene Levavassier: current CO of 1st Wing. Doubles as Governor ad interim of Hawk of Chiron base.
    Captain Driss El-Khaled:acting XO, pilot of Chaos Chopper "Meknes"
    Sheila Cartesius, Captain, chief mechanic
    Ni Gusti Nyoman Wenten, Captain, pilot of VTOL needlejet "Nyepi"
    Giannis Seferis, Captain, pilot of VTOL needlejet "Eleutheria"
    Mikel Etxevarria, Lieutenant, Meknes crew
    Kyalo Mwatu, Lieutenant, Meknes crew
    Arihclinn O'Cathaoir, Lieutenant, Nyepi crew
    Massimiliana Giacomazzi, Lieutenant, Eleutheria crew
    Jeremy, private, junior mechanic

    Ft. Legion
    Betty Stevens: base governor
    Otto Perez: base administrator
    Tulia, Benji, and Yannick: kids at Ft. Legion

    Gaia's Stepdaughers
    Lady Deirdre Sky: faction leader, former Chief Biologist/Xenobiologist aboard the colony ship Unity

    The Human Hive
    Chairman Sheng-Ji Yang: faction leader, former Chief of Security aboard the colony ship Unity

    Commissioner Pravin Lal: faction leader, former Chief of Surgury aboard the colony ship Unity

    Morgan Industries
    CEO Mwabudike Morgan: faction leader, Director of Earth company Morgan Industries and franchise holder in the construction of the colony ship Unity
    Paula Forbes: anchor Headline News, MorganLink 3D Vision
    Justin Holmes: reporter for Headline News
    Nicki Samatomo: reporter for Headline News

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    Great compilation. Award of the Spartan Cross with Fungus leaves for true dedication to the cause.



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      great work! i second the Award of the Spartan Cross with Fungus leaves!

      i have went back and edited som of my earlier posts recently and here is the latest information...

      469th airborne(drop) division

      the organization and ranking conventions i used are as follows...

      the 469th is three units on the SMAC map, two drop infantry units, one drop rover unit. each one of these units represents a brigade. three to five brigades (units on the map) represents a division. each division is commanded by a general. each brigade when part of a division have a Lt. Colonel as their CO, when a brigade is unattached to a division and operates independently, they have a Colonel as their CO. each brigade is made up of three battalions. these are smaller than an SMAC unit on the map and never act independently. each battalion is commanded by a major. each battalion is made up of roughly three companies. each company is commanded by a captain. each company is made up of rougly three platoons. each platoon is commanded by a lieutenant. a brevet general means that lockhart has not been confirmed as promoted to a permanent general, so he has had a temporary (brevet) promotion to general in order for him to command the 469th.

      469th division
      CO (commanding officer)Brevet General Leejay Lockhart
      XO (executive officer) Colonel Jonathan Thomilson

      1st Brigade
      CO Lt. Colonel Thomas Reich
      XO Major Marion Hodges

      Major Chris Duesing: 1st (Alpha) Battalion
      Major Ivan Lincowski: 2nd (Delta) Battalion
      Major Gerald Molina: 3rd (Lambda) Battalion

      2nd Brigade
      CO Lt. Colonel Eiton Farley
      XO Major Wade Stussy

      Major Nathan Gatesly: 1th (Caffeine) Battalion
      Major Yancy Alsbrook: 2nd (Ozone) Battalion
      Major Terance Grove: 3rd (Raptor) Battalion

      3rd Brigade
      CO Lt. Colonel Richard Gomez
      XO Major Kenneth Hochhalter

      Major Tobey McClusky: 1st (Tau) Battalion
      Major Clintworth Forbes: 2nd (Zeta) Battalion
      Major Muhammad Javed: 3rd (Omega) Battalion

      from the early posts (edited) you left out one character Capatin Moxon. he is Lt. DeLyle's superior officer...he is a capatain in the third battalion (lambda) of the first brigade

      later on since some of the battalions were destroyed in combat taking Plex Anthill, Captain Moxon will receive a promotion to major and will command one of the battalions that they replentished/reformed since it was destroyed...more on that later

      one other thing of note...gunnery sargent Wells is not part of the 469th but one of the drill sargents that taught Lt. DeLyle in his bootcamp/primary Spartan federation army was more of a flashback with Delyle remembering Wells

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