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From installation to tcp/ip games; SMAC(X), Hamachi and you.

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  • From installation to tcp/ip games; SMAC(X), Hamachi and you.

    I've had problems setting this up myself, with the benefit of hindsight, this was partly due to some problems individual to my PC. However, getting SMAC up and running for tcp/ip games from scratch is not an intuitive process, so I've written a guide.

    Indirect Download links:
    Hamachi v1.0.3.0
    SMAC patches
    Unofficial SMAX patch

    If you can't do part of these instructions, scroll down to the troubleshooting section at the bottom of this post.

    Installing SMAC
    1. Grab your CD and install SMAC
    2. If you have SMAX, install it now, if you don't have SMAX, install the SMAC v4.0 Update
    3. [If you own SMAX] Install, in this order, the Alien Crossfire v2.0 update, the SMAC Win 2000/XP Update and the unofficial patch
    4. [If you don't own SMAX] Install, in this order, the SMAC v4.0 Update and the SMAC Win 2000/XP Update.

    Installing and configuring Hamachi
    1. Download and install Hamachi v1.0.3.0. Disable windows vulnerabilities at install time if you're going to be playing with people you don't trust.
    2. Close Hamachi.
    3. In XP Go to Control Panel > Network Connections > Advanced > Advanced Settings > Adapters and Bindings
      In Vista or newer Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Centre > Manage Network Connections. Press ALT then go to Advanced > Advanced Settings > Adapters and Bindings
    4. Move Hamachi to the top of the connections list using the green arrow on the right
    5. Restart your PC.
    6. Attempt to join a network via Hamachi, see the list below for some Alpha Centauri related networks.
    7. Try to ping someone else in the group, if you can, ask them to ping you back (right click, chat).

    Playing a game:
    1. Join the same Hamachi network as those you want to play with.
    2. Run Alpha Centauri
    3. Select "Internet TCP/IP Connection For DirectPlay" from the multiplayer menu
    4. Host: select host from the menu.
    5. Other players: select join from the menu and either leave the box empty or input the hamachi IP of the host. Join the game by double clicking on the game name.
    6. The host chooses the game settings and AI factions etc.
    7. Players press the green button next to their names to mark as ready and change faction information.
    8. Once everyone is ready, the host presses the start game button and the game begins.

    Hamachi networks:
    • [network name], [password]
    • "Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri", "Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri"
    • "Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri b", "Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri b"
    • "Labyrynth", "Labyrynth"
    • "Sntml's Chaos Under the Big Dome", "garland"


    If you can't find the answer here, or the answer given here doesn't work, check out these two excellent FAQ threads: [1] [2].
    If you still have a problem ask
    • terran(x).exe is not a valid win32 program
    • Copy the orignal terran.exe and terranx.exe from the CD, this shouldn't occur after you've installed the patches.
    • No one can ping me on hamachi
    • Your firewall is probably not configured correctly, or it may be blocking ICMP Ping requests, you may still be able to connect to games if the latter is true.
      To test whether the former is true, disable your firewall completely and attempt to connect to a game, if you can now connect and play a game correctly then your firewall is at fault. Go here to see whether there is documentation regarding Hamachi and your firewall.
    • I still can't find the Adapters and Bindings settings in Vista
    • Look here
    • Hamachi cannot connect to the mediation server
    • Close Hamachi then go to %appdata% (just type that as the file path) and delete or rename the Hamachi folder there.
    • I'm using COMODO Firewall and get dropped from games all the time
    • COMODO doesn't play nicely with Hamachi. If you have COMODO Firewall PRO, go here to fix the problem. If not, or if that doesn't work, then you must disable your firewall (right click on the tray icon > Firewall Security Level > Disable) if you want to play online.
    • I, or players joining my game, get a message telling us we do not share the same version
    • Get everyone to install the SMAC Win 2000/XP Update and try again.
    • SMAC(X) won't start!
    • Edit the Alpha Centauri.ini (you will need to run either terran.exe or terranx.exe at least once to get this file) and add the line (without quotes): "ForceOldVoxelAlgorithm=0" to the end of the file.
      If this doesn't work and you are using Vista, try running terran(x).exe as administrator.
    • I am running Vista and cannot see games I know are hosted in SMAC(X)
    • You may not be able to connect to games hosted by XP users, try hosting yourself and getting others to join your game (XP users should be able to join your game).

    If I have made a mistake anywhere in this guide, please correct me. I can be most easily contacted on the forums.
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    impressive keep it up
    642-515 and 642-812 exam 642-813 guide 642-832


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      I've expanded the guide quite a lot, but I only updated the copy at WPC for convenience.

      A much more complete version of this guide can be found here.


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        Here is the Hamachi download link. Just visit here and click on download. Your download will start directly:-