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  • Looking for a PBEM

    I've noticed that there haven't been a lot of new games recently, and wanted to know if anyone was interested in starting one. No preferences for rules, so just tell me how you want to play. Would like at least 2 other people to join though.

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    well i just joined


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      I would be interested ^^
      "Too much ambition is a sin...only if you fail"
      Yoritomo Kumiko


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        Ok. I'm assuming that since no one really cares otherwise, we'll just play with the medium AI setting and standard rules. SMAC or X, and which faction do you guys want to choose?


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          ...or spartan

          what mode (TCP/IP i assume?) and rule set we going to play?


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            Ruleset...lemme see...AI will be randomly chosen from the list, and on Talent difficulty. The rules set are... well now that I think about it, mainly the same, but a few changes:

            All types of victories are allowed, but i'm enforcing a "no cooperative victory among human players" rule. You can however, ally with the AI for victory.

            Pods are scattered as normal, world map is hidden, blind research, but I AM turning on "Do or Die". Foul up and you're not coming back unless rescued.

            I assume that based on the title it's going to be Play By Email. Unless you want to do something to run the first part of the game faster.


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              A start by tcp/ip would be kinda nice.
              I'm ok with all the rules, altough "Blind Research" has never been my fav :P

              I prefer SMAX, and I prefer either Pirates or Gaians.
              "Too much ambition is a sin...only if you fail"
              Yoritomo Kumiko


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                I'd prefer not the Pirates. They're about as close as you can get to an unbalanced human faction. And I guess i'll take the University. Science FTW!

                I plan to set up a game called "Alpha Centauri...IN SPACE!" (And in other news, I humbly accept the award for " Cheesiest title of a multiplayer Alpha Centauri game")

                But how am I supposed to arrange for a time when everyone's going to be on to start it?


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                  um, we all get on MSN?

                  i added you guys, if possible

                  i didnt get a reply if you guys noticed, or i just havent seen you guys online yet.
                  at least that way we can have an actual chat room to set it up, and to help correct any problems we might have trying to start the game (aka wrong version/patches)


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                    I don't actually have any social messenger tools...

                    I might have a yahoo account that could be used for a chat room, but that might be long gone for all I know. Should I get the MSN messenger for purposes of organizing this game?


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                      well, actually windows messenger is built in with XP and Vista, you should already have 'MSN'

                      not exactly the same application, but its the same service

                      but at any rate, because both myself and Lord Icewind have our contact info with our MSN accounts,... I was merely suggesting :3

                      besides, whats a hotmail account that you prolly wont use anyway


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                        Should being the operative word. This computer was given with Messenger taken off so no one could use it for non-work activities.


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                          ah, 'at work' i see, but nothing at home?


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                            Doesn't change the fact that it's not installed. So should I go for installing it?

                            Btw, won't be here most of tomorrow.


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                              Accepted Kookee, waiting to see if Jossar gets/creates an msn account.
                              "Too much ambition is a sin...only if you fail"
                              Yoritomo Kumiko