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Not able to see each other's games in multiplayer.

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  • Not able to see each other's games in multiplayer.

    I've had problems before with getting friends to see each other's games in Alpha Centauri, where we had to repeatedly mess with installing and uninstalling the 4e patch and the 2000/XP compatibility patch, and then abruptly the versions would match up for some reason, and we could see each other and actually play a game. I'm having that problem currently, except after several hours of messing around, it seems as if the other end is not the same version and we can't see each other. On my end, I can select random as a faction possibility, but on my friend's end, they start with Gaians as the default, and no random is available to select. Is there something I'm missing that I can do to fix it?

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    Well, a little progress has been made. My friend now has random as an option, and I can see his game over his Hamachi IP if he hosts, but not by his internet IP. He cannot see my hosted game regardless. If I try to connect to his game over the Hamachi IP, it sits there for several seconds before dropping me back to the main menu. Any ideas?