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Custom Faction Storyline, also need help with balancing/and graphics

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  • Custom Faction Storyline, also need help with balancing/and graphics

    A few years ago, when first playing SMAC (vanilla), I thought,

    "You mean to tell me, because Earth was in trouble, the UN got together and built a STARSHIP. The UNITED NATIONS somehow did something useful?"

    My storyline revision:

    The UN tried to build a starship whilst Earth was dying off to ensure the survival of humanity. Sea levels were rising, Earth was becoming uninhabitable.

    During the construction of the Unity, there were a pair of secret entities, named the Conjoined and the Firaxians building their own nuclear-powered starships, in hidden bases located in the asteroid belt.

    They offered, in secret, to aid in building the Unity, for both of them felt more of Humanity surviving could only be a good thing.

    However, "accepting aid from secret and probably illegal Non-Governmental Organizations" was "strictly forbidden" due to UN General Regulations 16E, 14B, 288-009C. As the Firaxians feared, UN's silly bureaucracy simply was not up to the task of saving humanity; seen during a delay in construction because the UN could not accept a load of neosteel alloy due to "it violating clause 211: being unethically mined without paying a wage of $20/ Hour" and "General Environmental Safeguard 17: Refining ore without using an UN approved Environmentally Friendly Refinery".

    With the fall of Humanity nearing, the UN was in desperate straits. Captain Garland, the second highest man in charge of the Unity Project was determined to see it succeed at any costs. While the behind-budget and not-on-schedule UN head bureaucrats were holding their 140th meeting that year attempting to discuss how to unscrew themselves and save humanity, Captain Garland raised the ideal of asking the Firaxians and the Conjoined for help.

    "We cannot accept aid from an profit-making private entity without first filing out these forms and then this paperwork and afterwards we still require unanimous permission from the entire body of the UN, and then there are rules against cybernetic experimentation without UN approval, so we can't accept aid from the Conjoined until-"

    *BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM* Within seconds, every bureaucrat in the room, over half the leading secretaries of the Unity Project were dead. Firaxian and Conjoined elite operations teams swept in, hacked through the pitiful UN security protocols, and swiftly expedited Unity Project Control over to Captain Garland. Their workstations were rigged to act as if they were being worked on by the now dead bureaucrats.


    4 years later, the Unity is complete. Both the Conjoined and the Firaxians have some of their organization's members added to the Unity, with many lieutenants planted on Captain Garland's command staff.

    Their own factional starships headed towards different stars, the leaders of the Firaxians and the Conjoined wish Captain Garland the best, and boot up their own nuclear drives.


    Story Blurb End.

    I liked how Brian Reynolds (or someone else) originally planed the Hive to be a sort of research-industry focused faction, but ended up making them a collectivist industrial power.

    I wanted to make a faction kind of like the Conjoiners from the Revelation Space Universe, so here they are:

    -1 Police (Freedom loving society)
    -2 Growth (Contraceptives part of Universal Implantation Package, Elitism)
    +2 Industry (Heavy reliance on Industrial Automata)
    +1 Research (Implants help in research)
    +1 Planet (Memories of what happened to Earth)

    -1 Population Per Base (Not as addicted to creature comforts as the Morganites, but not very good with being packed together)

    Base Facilities: Pressure Dome (Extremely well prepared, seeing the waves rise above many Earth Cities)

    Extra Talent/Population (Cybernetic Enhancement, Elitism)

    Psionic Combat Bonus (Unemotional, cold, logical near-machines)

    Aversion to Fundementalism

    2 Techs at beginning of Game.

    Of course, from FacEdit, I used the Cybernetic Consciousness as my template. However, I would like to change their graphics a little. I see in the folder thexxxxxx.pcx, thexxxxx1pcx, etc. Which correlate to what? (as in, what is profile picture, what is base picture, etc)

    I've tried searching this site for graphics, however, many SMAC links are broken : [
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    Well, I did some playtesting

    OP. Was almost as easy as playing UoP and then after grabbing an early Planetary Transit System I stopped worrying about population and just won the game.

    Need some balancing help, in addition to storyline review.


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      Just abort.