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  • Neon Genesis Evangelion factions

    Hello! I've uploaded my Neon Genesis Evangelion addon that replaces the appearance of some game elements without changing the balance. Original factions are replaced with characters of NGE without changing the faction attributes. I put some effort into picking the proper characters for every original SMAC faction so the replacement of chars is quite legitimate...

    Download link

    (left - alien life forms and an ogre)
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    First, welcome!

    Second, thanks for sharing your work with us.

    Third, modifications to the game properly belong in the AC Creation subforum. There is no reason that a newcomer should know this, but do not be surprised if the moderator moves this thread from the AC General forum.

    Given that you didn't change the game balance and you've chosen to go with the original file names (e.g. The Lord's Believers became Aska Langley Sohryu while the file remained believe.txt), what are the changes in the alphax.txt file?
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      Changes in alphax.txt are minor.
      Some unit names are changed. Battle Ogre renamed to "Jet Alone", natives renamed to the names of corresponding creatures modified in units.pcx.

      I left the original faction names unchanged because you're supposed to be able to play this mod vs an owner of the original game.
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        Hey I can't seem to find all the units, are there Eva units as well?