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[C4:AC] Unit System Design

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    Thank you, Blake and Chaos Theory!

    The units seem to work correctly now.

    I've attached a test mod where I've made "Combat I" require Mysticism. In the F6 screen you can see that the promotion info is directly linked to the technology, which I find odd.

    I only changed the technology prerequisite in line 15. Did I do something wrong?
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      That's odd. In Warlords Pinch requires Gunpowder, there it displays normally. I'm going to guess that there's a bug in 1.61 with promotion tech pre-req, but because it wasn't used it didn't get fixed - it only got fixed with Warlords.
      It should be easy enough to fix with Python or SDK.


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        I have working Psi combat now .


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          The default Civ4 units seem referenced in the FormationInfos.xml file; hence I dare not delete the entries and references of the units when they are replaced by new SMAC/X units.

          Instead I set the technology prerequisite to NONE and changed the cost to -1; leaving the cleaning up for later. This prevents producing the units and removes the unit icons from the technology tree.

          Originally posted by Blake
          I have working Psi combat now .


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            Where did hovertanks go?


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              How does psi combat work? As a straight function of experience points held?

              Can we have SPs/SEs/facilities that give specific promotions?


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                You mean like make a PSI Acadamy and when it is built then each unit built there gets a PSI factor just like Barracks work in CIV.
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                  I am using Blakes post above to creat the basis for the unit system design for the initial stages.

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